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Happy Monday!  It’s windy and rainy and really cold today here in Michigan, but I’m secretly, and oddly, loving the coziness of the day.  The kids are back in school today after last week’s craziness of President’s Day, two snow days for an ice storm and a random 2 hour delay.
We still managed to find some fun and over the weekend we headed to the suburbs of Chicago to visit with friends!
To start the week, Jane had her first virtual OIT appointment.  The entire process took just about two hours.  It’s quite the commitment, but not having to make the long drive was well worth it!
On Tuesday, the girls snuggled with their Mama before school.  I’m so happy Jon took this picture!
Later that day Jane and I made a Reel over on Instagram about this Road Trip Snack Necklace and I managed to blog about it, too.
Later in the day on Tuesday, Henry made sure to keep the geese out of the yard by wearing his medals, an alarm, sporting a cape and attempting to have a Nerf Gun war with them.  LOL!  I love, love, love him being silly like this!
Wednesday ended up being a snow day and I was totally under the impression that we probably wouldn’t have a snow day until Thursday, so we didn’t have much food or much to do as my grocery shopping day is usually on Wednesdays right now.  We did our best and somehow got through the day!  Luckily I had some paint and a canvas or two for the girls.  Henry spent the morning working on an escape room for us. It was really fun to compete against Jon with all the clues!
Later in the day, I started to think of warmer weather and spring break.  I had the girls try on their new swimsuits and they looked super duper adorable!
Eliza has been crocheting a lot.  I have no idea how to do it, she taught herself and I’ve been really impressed!  She sat and watched tv and crocheted before heading to bed…love her. 🙂
Thursday was another snow day.  This picture explains my thoughts.  LOL!  It was too slippery to play outside and we didn’t have anywhere to go.  The kids at this point had only been to school on Tuesday and the weekend before was a four day weekend, so I was definitely feeling tired by this point.
I felt like the kids were even growing a little restless.  I loved this view of them though.  My entire heart…and unfinished gallery wall…  *facepalm*
Later that night, on Thursday, I had a mom date scheduled, which couldn’t have come at a better time.  Two other ladies had to cancel, but it was really, REALLY nice to catch up with Amy, Annie and Katy!
Jon was our DD so we made sure to have an extra drink or two.  😉
Our local mural!
The next day, I had an appointment.  I’ve been so busy and kept putting this appointment on the backburner since before Jane was born, but I figured I best just get it over.
We had plans to head over to see our friends, Josh and Christina, in Naperville, Illinois for the weekend.  We ended up pulling Eliza out of school an hour early, which stinks because of all the snow days but at that point I was ready to just get out of town, so we pulled her out early and hit the road.
I think the kids were excited to leave, too!
Coffees for the road!
We grabbed the kids some Culver’s for dinner and look!  An actual allergy sign for sesame!  Good job, Culver’s!
We arrived, got a house tour of their gorgeous home, visited for a bit and then the adults headed out to dinner.  It was mine and Jon’s first time at a sushi restaurant!  Can you believe that?!  We’ve had sushi before but not at an actual all out sushi restaurant…and this was a fancy one, so Jon and I had NO CLUE what we were doing and it was either comical or embarrassing, depending on how you look at it.  LOL!  I like vegetarian sushi, so I opted for that option.  The drinks were absolutely amazing, too!
Friends since the first grade!
On Saturday I went to my first ever Orangetheory class!  I tried to keep up with Christina!  She was such an amazing workout buddy!  I earned 29 Splat Points – I don’t even know what that means, but I was proud of myself, dang it!  Hahaha!
While Christina and I were working out, Jon and his friend, Josh took the kids to Urban Air!  They loved it AND I was able to see the kids in action at the end of the visit, which made my Mama heart extremely happy!
Their daughter, Sophia, then had a (birthday party to attend) a soccer game and their son, Reid, had a basketball game and soccer game later that night.  We went to both of their son’s games!  LOL!  It was fun to be a part of the family for the day.  Bahaha!  Oh and Jane played with their dog, Rudolph, for hours!!!  I soooo wish I had a picture of Jane and Rudolph together!
Later that night we ate leftovers and then Josh and Christina had two other people arrive at their house (a cousin named, Lauren, and a best friend named Lauren) as they were passing through town and were offered to stay the night.  We drank champagne  (because why not? Ha!), we talked, they played cards and then we were all in bed around 10:30.  It was great!
The next morning we drank some amazing coffee, let the kids play outside for a bit and then everyone went their separate ways.
Phew, Jon and I were exhausted yesterday and we both slept pretty hard over the weekend, as well as last night!
We’re starting another busy week, but I’m here for it – let’s do this Monday!
Thanks so much for stopping by.  Stay warm out there, friends!
Marie 🙂
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  1. That road trip sounds like it was so fun! We haven't had any snow days or delays– yet! But I'm pretty sure we'll have one tomorrow. It's odd because we usually have quite a few living in New England but it's been a weirdly mild winter.

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