Hello Monday on a Tuesday

It’s Hello Monday time…err…or should I say Hello Tuesday!

We had a great weekend, but WOW!  I was one busy Mama!  Since Friday I’ve driven over 12 hours and you guys, it’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m currently wiped out.

On Friday, Jon and I headed over to Ann Arbor for Jane’s allergy appointment at U of M.  They didn’t do a skin test this time, but instead opted for a blood draw.  Jane was an absolute rockstar and didn’t even flinch when they put in the needle.  She said, “I not a baby anymore!”  Oh my sweet, girl.  We’re hoping to start therapy for her.  There is a doctor who does do therapy for her sesame allergy, but of course, it’s all the way across the state and so far, as much as we know, it’d mean driving over 4 hours round trip every week for 30 weeks.  Ugh.  Of course we want to do it for Jane’s safety, and before she starts kindergarten, but that’s quite the commitment.  We’re hoping we find another option, but it’s not looking likely.

Anyhow, her blood work came back and, just as we suspected, she’s still very much allergic to sesame.  But, like I said, she rocked her appointment and received a sucker and lots of Frozen stickers.  She also kept calling her bandage her cast and said she wished it was purple.  Ha!  Love her so much!

It also worked out great that she had appointment, because this was her just the day before.  Poor girl was playing in the grass and her one eye swelled shut.  Girlfriend and these darn allergies!

Jon and I grabbed some Zingerman’s for lunch and headed home.  We made it just in time for Henry to get off the bus and then a bit later I went to get Eliza from school.  Around five I headed to dinner with my friend, Lindsey.  We’ve only met up a handful of times since 2019, but I enjoy every visit with her.  She also recently lost her dad, so we had a lot to talk about and really understood what each other was going through…which was super beneficial to me.  I thanked her for my therapy session.  Ha!

On Saturday, I slept in just a bit, but then Henry had basketball practice at 9 and then a game at 10.  His team one by just one point.  It was a really good and intense game!

After the game, Henry and I got ready to go back to Ann Arbor for the Michigan / Nebraska game…and of course, it started to snow…of course it did.

We dressed in as many layers as we could and headed out the door.

On the way over, I took the back way – no expressway for me on a snowy day.  Our friend, Brian, called just a few minutes up the road.  He knew we were heading over and offered us his club seats.  Jon and I had sat in them once before for half of a game, but never the entire time.  At first I was reluctant to take them, but then I said, “What the heck, yes! We’ll take them!”  He transferred them to me digitally and I pulled over to accept them and make sure we were all set.  Phew!  Henry and I were sooooooo pumped!

Not long after my conversation with Brian, Henry and I were listening to music and were all excited about our upgraded seats and then I looked over and saw this.  He had fallen asleep on me.

We arrived in Ann Arbor with about a half hour to spare, but I knew we’d be cutting it close to get inside for kickoff.  We parked about a mile away at a park with free street parking.  We hustled over to the stadium and luckily I remembered from years ago where to go to use Brian’s seats.  I did have to ask which entrance to use…  Had we used our original seats we most definitely would’ve missed kickoff as the lines were quite long…next time I need to leave a little earlier!

We were wet from the snow but Brian had informed me that our seats are just perfectly covered so we really shouldn’t get snowed on or rained on…Woo to the Hoo!

I explained to Henry how we needed to be on our best behavior and that the people who’d be around us are friends with Brian and his family.  On top of that all of that, Henry hadn’t been to a Michigan game since 2017!  So this was kind of new for him all over again…and lucky kid got to sit it club seats!  During halftime we were able to warm up inside!  It was amazing!

Michigan won and I have some amazing video of Henry’s excitement!  It was really nice to spend some quality time with him.  I could tell he didn’t want to leave, so we waited just a bit longer.  It’s cool he was able to be there during the day and night, too!  What a great experience we had together!!!

On the way home we headed out of Ann Arbor and I took the back roads again, so the options for food was limited…so Taco Bell it was!  It was so fun!  We loaded up on looooots of Taco Bell and he and I were cracking up over all that we ordered!
A few minutes after we ate, little guy was out…again.  LOL!  
Oh my goodness, we had a blast!
I was just as tired as Henry.
The next morning I slept in for a bit again, but had to start getting around again to head to my bestie, Ann’s baby shower in my hometown… (we’ve known each other since Kindergarten) another two hour drive and four hour drive roundtrip.  This time I took Eliza with me.
My friend, Ann, lives in Colorado, so we don’t get to see each other much but when we do it’s like we never skipped a beat!  She knows me more than I know myself!
It was awesome to take Eliza with me to meet her.  My mom lives just a mile away, so she was in attendance, too!  It was great to all sit together and catch up!

Ann’s shower was in the same place that we sang, “A Whole New World,” for our fifth grade talent show.  I’ve been to many weddings here, I used to vote here, lots of craft shows were hosted here, our local library used to be in the same building and my dad used to attend meetings in this building.  Ann grew up just next door and I grew up just down the road.  It’s crazy to be back sometimes and it makes me appreciate my little hometown so very much.  It’s a wonderful little community, but the community is strong.  I do believe about 800 people live in town.  I hold it close to my heart.

Eliza and I grabbed some Qdoba while driving through Lansing.  Girlfriend and I sang along to the Hamilton soundtrack most of the way both ways.  She asked lots of questions and on the way home she and I had some deep conversations about life, school and all-things-growing-up.
It was definitely a busy weekend, but wow, I sure was able to connect with the kiddos and that meant a lot!
Once home I headed to put on this face mask, I then took a nice, hot shower and finally put on my comfy jammies!

Jane and I volunteered for the Boosters on Monday and spent most of our morning, 3 1/2 hours, counting money (through a machine – thank goodness) for the schools’ penny war fundraiser.  We had already spent about 4 hours counting money the week before and while I was sooooo excited to see how much we had brought it, I was also pretty tired from the weekend!  Jane was a trooper and sat the entire time.
Phew!  I’m tired just reading all of that!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I need a nap.  😉
Marie 🙂
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  1. I did my 'Hello Monday!" on a Tuesday this week too. What a great weekend of one-on-one time with your kids. The football game, especially, sounds like a "forever memory" experience.

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