Income Report – June 2022

 It’s Income Report Day!

These posts have been keeping me going, especially during these slow, yet crazy fast summer days.  I figured June and July were going to slow down due to a few little getaways and us hosting a houseful of guests a couple of weeks ago…and slow down it did.  This is my third Income Report and it’s truly helping me to keep on keepin’ on!  Let’s goooooo!

Now, as far as these income reports go, I’ve learned that I haven’t been sharing the exact date of the entire month, rather it’s been from some weird start date somewhere within the month to another time in the next month.  Facepalm.  It’s all true earnings, but from now on I’ll be sharing from day one of the month to the last day of the month…you live and you learn.  Oy.
So here it is, I didn’t make the $15.00 goal like I had hoped, but I’m not surprised.  I’m still learning though and Prime days these past couple of days sure did change that number!  Why can’t every single day be a Prime Day?!  Seriously!  How do I bottle that up over here on the blog?  

Google Adsense $3.25

Amazon Affiliates $6.24


There you have it!  It feels good to get this number out there!  These next few weeks are still busy, but I’m hoping I’ll find time in the evenings to give more of myself to this little corner of the internet!

Thanks as always for supporting me, friends!

Marie 🙂

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