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Welp, today was my first day on this newly reinvented blogging journey of mine that I almost missed a blog post – I’m trying so hard to stay consistent, but life today got the best of me.  I’m waaaaay behind on reading blog posts, commenting and replying, but I’m determined to catch up during the rest of the week, but I’m also giving myself a little grace by realizing that these next two weeks are completely NUTS!
So, with only hours left in the day, I’m going to make this little ole blog post happen!  Thank goodness it’s a short one, and might I add – a semi-embarrassing one, to boot.  Here’s to authenticity and transparency, right??!
Okay, so Henry’s room has had some changes over the years, the first being that he left what is now Eliza’s room (at the time it was considered our nursery) for this room, which used to be our guest room.  I once painted one of the walls the coolest green color, but we eventually painted over it with a beige.  The beige color, I can’t remember the name of it anymore, was fine and it was actually really cute with his toddler – 7-ish year old decor.  Then around the time I was pregnant with Jane we decided to get Henry a new bedroom set.  We went from a full/queen, THE most comfortable bed ever, to a twin.  I wanted Henry to have more room to play and more space in his room…

Big Mistake.
ComplainFest in 3…2…1…
First of all, this set was not cheap.
Second of all, the dresser was delivered in the wrong size – it was supposed to be a taller dresser.
Third, the color was completely different from what I had remembered seeing in the showroom.
Fourth, the company – a very trusted and amazing company, went out of business months later, which explained a lot.
Fifth, it’s cheaply made for the price we paid.  This set is only a little over 3 years old and the veneer is falling off.  Now, I know Henry’s room is a tad messy in these photos, but the fact that this is happening is no fault of his.
Lastly, Henry was waaaaay more comfortable in a full.  I can’t snuggle with him as easily or read with him as comfortably…
So, on day Jon and I looked at each other and said, “Heck with it,” and we ordered him a new full size bed from Pottery Barn.
This one to be exact…
Isn’t that so cute?  I’m hoping to make his room a little brighter since his room tends to become dark all year long, I’m thinking it’s the Maple tree outside his window that keeps it shaded and a tad on the dark side.
Okay, so…the not so cute…
Before you scroll through, please be aware that I purposely did NOT clean a thing.  I honestly think it’ll help me to see and remember what Henry uses, what’s out and what’s not being used.  Plus, this is real life and kids are kids and it’s hard to keep up with them.  I plan to go through and declutter his space…before he gets out of school for the summer – Muahahahahaha!!! <—Every mom understands.
He’s’ asked for a cork board for his little drawings.  I’m going to somehow incorporate Star Wars, Harry Potter and some Pokemon.  I’m thinking all framed posters or graphic art from Etsy.  This way, if/when he outgrows those things, it’ll be easy to change out.  He needs a desk.  I’m very much considering a closet desk like we had for virtual learning, but cuter and I’d be nice if it doesn’t come with the anxiety of the times.

*nervous laughter ensues*
I have a new rug for his room, but in a weird way, I may just use both – what are all the cool kids saying these days, “How bougie?!”  LOL!!!!  Anyway….
Lastly, he’ll need some new bedding.  I have a few ideas, but all I know is that I want it to be super comfortable for him.
Oh and little side table or two… for his fan, his alarm clock, a book, a place for water…
Okay, so…I give you, Henry’s bedroom in all it’s glory!!!
*Marie wincing while posting these for all to see*

He constantly leaves his closet door open, so I left it open here, too.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep those corner shelves or not.  
Bahahaha and I just noticed his undies inside-out from his pajamas – I’m not even going to edit that out!  
You can see my paint samples on the wall.  I started painting yesterday and I’m going with SW – Alabaster.  It’s a little lighter than this color and I’m hoping it just makes the room brighter and lighter for him.

I swear, just looking at his bed makes me feel not as cozy.  I can’t wait to get him cozier bedding!
Okay, sooooooo that was quite a post for me to share…it’s not terrible, but it’s definitely not Pinterest-worthy, that’s for sure.  
I can’t wait to share more of my thoughts – a mood board, perhaps?
Thanks for stopping by, you guys!  
Also, YAY – I didn’t miss this blog post!
Marie 🙂

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