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I’m joining in on another Hello Monday to share with your our week/weekend.

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Last Tuesday was Jane’s last day of Kindermusik.  I shared on my Friday Favorites just how sentimental it was to attend our last class.  Our kids have attended these classes since Henry was 4 months old.  The kids also attended preschool with the Kindermusik teacher, Miss. Lisa.  We found out at the beginning of the year that Miss. Lisa would be retiring and my heart sank.  I was so excited for Jane to have Miss. Lisa as a teacher after Kindermusik classes.  I’m thrilled for her, but also so dang sad at the same time.
I met soooo many people/moms through these classes.  In fact, I met some of my best friends while attending classes and my kids are still friends with lots of the kids they had met all those years ago.  Oh gosh, it’s just so hard.
I was the wacky mom spontaneously crying before, during and after class.  I did attempt to hide my tears, but boy, was it hard.
Here we are on our way to our last class…
Outside of the church/school…
Oh my heart…
Jane ALWAYS loved touching this bee and The Little Mermaid picture in the class…
These are Henry and Eliza’s handprints from many years ago, waaaay before Jane.  We made flowers out of their hands as a gift and the fact that Jane reached up and touched the picture made it so I was truly fighting back tears.
Jane’s last “Happy Notes.”  The kids would always get one on their bellies, too.
Jane’s dancing bestie, Everlee…
Miss. Lisa.  
On Wednesday it was May the 4th.  Being that the kids are new Star Wars fans, they both decided to take part in the festivities.  Henry wore his Star Wars shirt, but I didn’t grab a picture.  Eliza left the lightsaber at home, but I let her wear her Rey dress to school with her jean jacket and I also did her hair.
On Thursday Jane and I went to Walmart to load up on Mother’s Day flowers.  I also picked up groceries and ordered my Mom some flowers to be delivered on Saturday since I knew we wouldn’t be seeing each other.
Jane was thrilled to pick out yellow flowers for Grandma Terri…and oh, I just love what she picked out to wear!
Later that day Jane changed into her Maribel dress and we snuggled during nap time/quiet time.  She fell asleep while we snuggled and it’s something completely new and you betcha that I’m taking full advantage of these precious cuddly and snuggly moments!
Thursday also happened to be Cinco de Mayo, so a bunch of us girls got together for dinners and margaritas!  Being that we live in a small town, the Mexican restaurant was bustling!  Luckily our friend, Sara, was able to arrive early and snag us a table while the rest of us either finished up running the kids around to extracurriculars or got out of work.
We only managed to get a boomerang video of all of us while at dinner, but on our way out to our cars, one of my besites/and amazing neighbor, Amy, and I snapped this super cute photo of us!  I told her to expect a coffee mug from it!  Ha!
The next morning was the day before Henry’s birthday and I soooooo badly wanted to take a treat into Henry’s school for him to pass out to his classmates.  I also wanted to be able to see him at school while he celebrated.  I could’ve easily sent him to school with the treats, but I haven’t been in to see him at his school for his birthday since he was in second grade and given he’s in fifth grade now I just HAD to try to get in.
Luckily, I was FINALLY let in!!!!!!!!
I can’t tell you how happy this made me to see my boy!!!
It seriously set the tone for the rest of the day…perhaps the entire weekend!!!
They even let me in the hallway!!!!!!!!
After the excitement of seeing Henry – Jon, myself and Jane headed to pick out more rocks for our landscaping project, and let me tell you, it. was. muddy!
Jane was the best little helper…
Our landscaping is coming together and I’ll be sharing our progress this week…
While we worked out on the yard, Eliza’s teacher sent me this picture of her at the farm.  I was so bummed they didn’t allow parents to attend, but I was grateful for the picture!
I picked up the kids from school and then we were off to celebrate Henry!  We went to our local arcade/game/go cart/putt putt place – this place has it all and it’s right up the road!
Jane and I waited patiently while the big kids played laser tag…
The girls had dressed for the Star Wars theme for the party we had back at the house – and by theme, I mean a store bought cake and some banners from Amazon.
Eliza should never go into a casino – she loves this place way too much!  Haha!
Henry was growing frustrated that he wasn’t winning lots of tickets, but luckily for it being his birthday party, he was automatically given 300 tickets.  Phew!
We came back to the house to open gifts and to eat cake and as soon as we finished up we sent the boys outside and they had a blast!
Once the party was over I made sure to hug on my boy.  Eliza managed to capture this picture and I love, love, looooove it…
…and my yearly cry…
Oh my gosh…I love these kids so much.  This boy.  This boy is growing.  The next morning he would be 11!
On Saturday I had to wake up and get in line for Eliza’s dance recital tickets.  We originally had plans to go to Holland, Michigan for the Tulip Festival, but there was just too much going on.  I also found out that if I wanted dance recital tickets that I had to purchase them in person and nobody else could purchase them for me.  Wowza!!!
I waited 90 minutes to get tickets and I’m so happy I got in line when I did because the line behind my grew quickly AND I made it just in time for Henry’s 10:30 soccer game.  Dance stuff is serious!!!
Henry’s team has had a lot of wins, but they lost to red team 5-0.  However, Henry was ecstatic because it truly was the best he’s ever played!  He did great and he knew it, too!  We were so proud that he could recognize that even with a loss, he still managed to give it his all!
This also made for a great start to his day of turning 11!
We basically just relaxed for the rest of the day.  Jane had her nap time and Henry worked on a new LEGO set.  We made homemade pizzas for dinner and were finally able to sit outside at our new patio set!
The kids were laughing about something – we think it’s because we let them drink too much pop and the sugar was getting to them!
Whatever it was – it was funny!!!
We then took it inside for cake, ice cream and presents.  The remnants of Henrys party from the night before is behind him.  He was so excited that I had purchased two Star Wars cakes!
The kids wanted to eat the graphic part of the cake.  So funny!
Jane picked out and wrapped a birthday crown for Henry from the dollar store!
Henry’s reaction to Eliza’s gift…
The reactions to the Millennium Falcon LEGO set!
That blue tongue too… I love that he’s still little enough to have a blue tongue!
After our little party we made sure Jane was given another Post-It for sitting and eating dinner.  LOL!  My handwriting is terrible, but I’ve always done little reward charts like this for the kids and they really seem to work.  For the record, she’s doing great and picked out a prize yesterday!  
Later Saturday evening Jon and I went out to the north side of the house and finished up the landscaping.  It was insane how much we were able to accomplish.
Unfortunately, as Jon was placing a huge rock on the side of his house one of his fingers got smooshed.  It was bad and it looks terrible.  He’s been icing it and even went to go see a doctor.  I pray that it heals quickly.  Oh I felt absolutely terrible for him.
Mother’s Day rolled around on Sunday and I slept in until 9 and Jon brought me coffee.  He then disappeared outside and left me inside with the kids.  I think he was just really excited to continue to work on the landscaping outside, smoothed finger and all – it’s been consuming us.  Ha!
He did buy me flowers later in the day and Jimmy John’s for dinner.  I think everyone noticed that I wasn’t going to be cooking dinner.  In fact, I had originally planned on cooking dinner because I remembered it was Mother’s Day for our Moms, but I had forgotten about me.  Oops.  Hahaha!
I loved my morning snuggles from the kids…
Eliza’s teacher’s wife is an art teacher and I just know she had an influence on this gift!  I absolutely adore homemade gifts like this…
Jane drew a picture of a sun… 
Henry gave me his gift/card later at night…
I did manage to escape to the park and get in a jog.  I then played Pickle Ball with the big kids (the set is from Grandma and Grandpa K for their birthdays) and I played on the play set with Jane.
Jane loved looking for baby birds and Mama birds under the deck.  I also love that she put on her dress backwards.  Love her so much.
I planted a couple more plants later in the day and then we all got around for bed nice and early.
It was a great weekend and a busy weekend.  We’re hoping next weekend isn’t as labor intensive.
Thanks, as always, for stopping by!
Marie 🙂


  1. What a wonderful week-these are the days for sure- love that little Jane's expressions! Happy Bday to your darling boy 🙂

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