The First Day of School

Okay, who’s ready for a lot of pictures of my kids holding up back-to-school signs?  That’s what you came here for, right?  To scroll through picture after picture after picture of practically the same picture of my kids holding a picture suggesting that it’s their first day of school…..that’s why you’re here???  Okay, sooooo – I may have gone a little overboard on the pictures this year, just humor me… 😉
Both kids were thrilled to be going to school.  Henry was heading to second grade and Eliza off to kindergarten!  Oh my heart.
The first day of school started with the annual, First Day of School Breakfast, made by yours truly…
AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaand here come the pictures upon pictures upon pictures…

Henry couldn’t wait!!!

Henry patiently sat awaiting the arrival of his friends.  Once they made an appearance Mama was no longer needed.
Bittersweet, but happy hearts.  🙂

Next up, Eliza.
Now let me tell you.  I was a ball of emotions when Henry began kindergarten.  With Eliza, well, she’s been soooo eager to begin and I just knew that by her going to school she’d benefit far more than staying home with me…I mean we’ve had a lot of fun and I love spending time with her, but she was ready… I hope that makes sense.  She’s full of lots of energy and always wants to move on to the next thing.  She’s a good girl, a sweet and sassy girl, and she marched into that school like a champ.
I cried a little, sure – but I was more happy for her than sad that our staying at home together journey had come to an end.

Olaf made an appearance!

Henry said his first day of second grade was, “The best day EVER!”  Eliza had a few tears only due to getting a little turned around during the school’s pick up line procedure.  Overall, a success.  Both kids have been loving school for the last week and Jon and I can’t wait to watch them grow.

Oh – and it wouldn’t be the first day of school without some sort of celebration, right?
FroYo for the win!

Thanks for stopping by!
Marie 🙂

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