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Disney 2018 – Day 5 & 6 – Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom

I’m back with days 5 and 6 of our Disney trip!  WooHoo!
We headed over to Animal Kingdom and hit up the safari first thing in the morning!
The safari was awesome and we were impressed with all it had to offer.  Henry didn’t seem to be too excited about this attraction (you know, since it wasn’t a rollercoaster and all), but as soon as we started to see some animals, his entire demeanor changed.  Brother was loving it!  

We went to, It’s Tough to be a Bug!
Henry thought it was so cool!  Eliza, you guessed it, cried…

We went on TriceraTop Spin and walked around this area inside the park to see what it was all about. Very cute!

We got the kids some much needed and well-deserved treats.  It was HOT, you guys!
This was Henry’s first Mickey ice cream bar!  

I had Fastpassed the Pandora/Avatar ride, but the night before I was reading up on it and was nervous that I had made the wrong selection and should have chosen the Na’vi River rid instead.  Well, I wasn’t about to get ride of the Avatar Fastpass, especially considering the line was already a 240 minute wait as soon as the park had opened that morning at 9 a.m.  Crazy, right?!
I found a mom who I overheard talking about the ride and who’s kids were a little older than ours and I asked her what her opinion was about our kids riding Pandora.  She was all about it and said they’d love it!  I trusted her advice and decided to go with it.
I’ve gotta tell ya’, Jon and I felt really bad walking by everyone who had been waiting in line for so long.  I felt like I should walk with my head down and not make eye contact!

We were inside in a matter of minutes and we were pretty excited!  We couldn’t wait to see what all the hype was about.

You guys!
It was, hands down, Jon’s most favorite ride.  I mean, you could feel the banshee breathing on your calves for goodness’ sake!!!!
Jon sat next to Eliza on a motorcycle-type-seat and helped keep her 3D glasses on her face.  Henry was nervous throughout the ride and he kept telling me that he didn’t know how he felt about what was happening, but afterward he thought it was so cool!!!  You guys, it really, REALLY felt like we were flying!!!  It was amazing!!!
After the excitement of the ride (and Eliza crying and being really, really upset with us) we found a Starbucks and decided to relax for a bit.  The kids fell asleep (Eliza was more “resting” than sleeping) en route to the Starbucks!
Coffee.  Amen.

Our last attraction for the day was the Festival of the Lion King.  It was super cute and it felt great to get out of the heat for a bit.

Surprise!  My in-laws, George and Terri, were meeting up with us for dinner.  I made reservations at Ohana at the Polynesian and told them to meet us there.  The kids were extremely excited to surprise them!

Ohana was AMAZING!  The food is served family style and if you’re a huge meat eater, like my husband, then it is THE place for you.  Also, you can see the castle from inside Ohana!
Oh and guess what else?  Henry lost another tooth while at Disney!
When checking out his new smile we had noticed he had lost another tooth, too, but it had since disappeared.  I have no idea when he lost it or where it went.  LOL!

The next morning was Valentine’s Day!  This Mama was prepared and made sure to bring along a few little Valentine’s gifts.
Also, PEZ.
You guys – PEZ kept the kids entertained in a few of the lines, while walking from point A to point B and while waiting for the parade.
Remember your Pez!  Also, Smarties.  They’re not sticky and easy and exciting to eat!  So, PEZ and Smarties…  😉

We woke up for our first day at Disney with Grandma and Grandpa!!!!!
Matching shirts for six?!  You betcha!
We were inside the park nice and early and in time for the opening ceremony and rope drop!

First up:  Splash Mountain.
This was also the start of Henry riding every ride with Grandpa, Eliza crying…yet again, and Jon and his mom riding almost every ride together.  LOL!  Not gonna lie, I can only hope and pray that I get to ride Disney rides with my son when he’s 37!!!  Sounds like a dream to me!
Also, the guy in the very back was awesome and hilarious.  His kids and his wife were waving to him at the end of the ride from up top a bridge.  He was trying to console Eliza with her crocodile tears and he also mentioned something about going out with his wife the night before and being a little hungover.  He was pretty funny.
We jumped on The Little Mermaid ride and then went on The Seven Dwarf’s Mine Ride!
You guys?!!?  Guess what?!
Eliza LOVED IT!!!
In fact, she was laughing!!!  It ended up being one of her favorite rides!

We headed over to Dumbo.  Both kids sat with the grandparents and Jon and I got to ride our first Disney ride together!!

We let the kids play and stretch their legs for a minute.  Luckily they didn’t get too wet, but I always kept an extra change of clothes in our backpack…just in case…

We hopped on the train and took a nice relaxing ride around the park.
Next, we ventured into Tomorrowland and used up our last Fastpass for the Buzz Lightyear ride and then we hopped onto The Peoplemover.
Jon and I rode another ride together, while the kids rode with Gram and Gramps.  It was romantic. 😉

Henry loved this ramp.  Seriously.  He really, really loved this thing.  We need to get out more…

We decided that it’d be fun to see the parade again, especially since we had guests, so we did exactly as we had done two days prior.  We sat in the same spot as he had before, George and Terri bought all of us coffees and we sat comfortably out of the shade for about an hour and then watched the parade!  You’d think the kids wouldn’t have been as excited about it, but I swear they were even more excited the second time around!

Goofy gave Henry a high five!  YEAH!!!!

Goofy gave Henry a high five!

After the parade we headed over into Tomorrowland for one more FastPass ride, The Barnstormer, before heading to dinner…

We love The Barnstormer!  It’s over quickly, but it’s the perfect roller coaster ride for little ones.
After a bunch of giggles, we left The Magic Kingdom and waited for a boat to take us over to The Grand Floridian to have dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella.
As we were waiting, I helped transform Eliza into her outfit (hair and all) from the day before when we had visited the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  We brought Henry’s knight shirt along, too.  By the way, this is my favorite character dinner and my favorite buffet!  We’ve been here twice and both times have been delicious and hilarious!
Prince Charming and Cinderella…

Lady Tremaine…

She was NOT impressed…with anything…other than her daughters!
In fact, her daughters came out into the dining area and nobody was clapping for them, so she started clapping very, VERY loudly as for everyone to pay attention to her “perfect” daughters.  It was sooooo funny!  Oh my gosh, they’re THE best!

Anastasia was AMAZING!
She talked to us for a very long time!  She not only signed our frame, but she drew a picture of her family inside the frame.  She danced with Henry to take away the attention from Cinderella and Prince Charming while they were dancing and she kissed Henry on the cheek!  She won the “awesome character/cast member award” from us this year!

Drizella showed up to sign the frame and added a little detail to the frame.  She was so funny, too!

These girls and I should be friends…  I love how goofy there are/were!!!

After dinner, we danced for a bit.
You guys, the ambiance inside Grand Floridian is spectacular.

…and my little Prince Charming proposed to his sister.  LOL!  The little guy is a charmer!

You guys!  Henry proposed a second time, and oh my gosh, look below!  There was a fancy couple waiting to ride the elevator right smack dab in the middle of Henry and Eliza!  So sweet!!!  I’m sooooo going to show this to Henry’s girlfriend someday!  Love, love, love it!

The night ended with the six of us sitting inside our hotel bar (I promise it was a kid-friendly bar – ha!) for some fun light up adult beverages, whiskey for Grandpa, water for the kids, and a few minutes to sit together and unwind from the day.

Next up – Our last day at Disney!  I already want to go back!!!
Thanks for scrolling through!
Marie 🙂

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