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How to Save Money, Receive Cash Back and GIVE BACK

Today I’m joining in on the link-up fun over at Momfessionals.  The topic up for discussion is how we save/splurge in our daily lives.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time to share the “splurge” part of the link-up, because…well, life/kids/laundry/The Bachelor was on last night, so I thought I’d just share how we, not only save and earn cash back, but how it’s also possible to give back via the use of modern shopping technology.  Whoop Whoop!


Okay, so this one is pretty self explanatory.  Can we all agree that as of the year 2017 practically everyone has purchased at least one item from Amazon in his/her lifetime?  You guys, my Mom, who has fiiiiiiiiiinally decided to jump aboard the technology train (love you Mom!), has even ordered from Amazon.  That’s a pretty big deal.  😉

 Seriously, I love that woman.

We order a great deal of merchandise from Amazon throughout the year, so we finally figured we should jump aboard a different train – the Amazon Prime train.  The upfront $99 cost to join Amazon Prime has been well worth it.  High five for free shipping!  Oh and um… Hello?  Two-day shipping?!  Yes, please.  Choo Choo!!


Do you love to give back?  Well, I need to share with you, Amazon Smile.  Have you heard of this?  If not, prepare to be amazed.

This site lets customers shop through Amazon with no extra charge or alternative cost to the consumer and in return Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of each purchase to one’s charity of choice.  Visit this link to sign up and learn more about this amazing opportunity to give back by the simple act of shopping for your daily needs.  Just imagine for a second if everyone always shopped through Amazon Smile; what an impact it could make on the world.

Not sure which charity to choose?

Why not use my preferred charity?  My charity of choice has been and always will be The ChadTough Foundation.


Oh my word.  I just began using Ebates before Christmas and it’s amazing.

My only regret is that I didn’t start using it sooner.

Simply sign up and fill in your address.  Next, scroll through the Ebates website and click on the store where you’d like to shop.  You’ll then receive a percentage of your purchase (if applicable) and a check will later be mailed to you with the percentage you earned from shopping through the Ebates website.  I received my first check rather quickly AND when I signed up I also received a ten dollar Walmart gift card!  Cha-Ching!

The fact that I can login to Ebates and shop on Amazon, which also includes free shipping, is astounding to me!  It’s a win-win, friends!

Let me be a saleswoman for a second and tell you that if you want to use my referral code for Ebates, here you go ——>  My referral email is mehk16@yahoo.com.  I’ll receive some moola and you’ll also receive ten buckeroos.


Let’s talk apps…no…let’s talk specifically about, Ibottaa cash back app.

This app, you guys…this app is aaaamazing.

What you do is download the Ibotta app, click on the store(s) where you’ll be doing your shopping and click the add button to add products to your “money savings cart.”  Once you’ve purchased said products you’ll then take a picture of your receipt and scan all the bar codes.  The cash you saved on those products are then added to your “wallet.”  Once you’ve earned twenty dollars you can then retrieve the money via PayPal, Venmo or through a featured gift card.  I’ve noticed the more products I unlock, purchase, and scan the more products I’m able to choose from on my next shopping trip.

You’ll also receive ten dollars just for purchasing your first unlocked and purchased product.


There’s also a teammate portion of the app that allows you to team up with family and/or friends to earn extra cash.  My sister and I are on a team and we’ve verified and unlocked several rebates since December and we now have a couple extra bucks in our “wallets” just for teaming up!

If you decide to sign up for Ibotta, feel free to use my referral code – pkigwki.  I’ll get five dollars and you’ll receive $10!  You can’t go wrong!


Thanks for stopping by my little blog today.

Happy saving, friends!

Marie 🙂

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