May 2022 Income Report

It’s Blog Income Report Day!

With the kids being out of school, having just returned back from our summer vacation a week ago and the sudden passing of our precious kitty, Nubs, I’ve been quite behind on my blogging.  Honestly, I’ve just been too sad to type or create much.  Thankfully, I’ve been giving myself a lot of grace.

I’ve been doing a great job blogging every weekday since the beginning of April (*pats self on back).  Howeverthis past week(s) caught up with me, but I’m determined to get back to it!

I wanted to make sure I shared my second ever blog income report and I’m happy to announce that I made a few extra bucks more than the month before.

So far, this isn’t the Cinderella story of suddenly making a full time income overnight ;), but I’m liking all the hard work I’m putting into this blog of mine and my hard work is sloooooooowly proving worthy.  There’s so much I want to do and there’s so much I have yet to learn, but I’m truly loving the process.

I need to create more and utilize Pinterest far more than I am currently doing.  A lot of my traffic comes from Pinterest so I really need to invest some time into learning more.
This past month I’ve been terrible at commenting and responding to blog comments due to everything being frantic and my grieving of Nubs.  With that said, I need to make sure I reply to everyone and head over to the blogs that support me and support others in return.
My Facebook account is a hit or miss.  I never really know if it’s worth posting over there, but I’m going to try to be more consistent over there, too.
I applied for Like To Know It, but they turned down my application.  Instead of getting frustrated, I chuckled to myself knowing full well that they were indirectly telling me that I don’t post enough pictures on Instagram.  This is something I’m so hesitant to do as I’m followed by lots of locals and childhood friends and I always feel weird sharing lots of content over there, but if I’m going to build this blog and monetize from it, I know I need to step up my game and stop caring what people think of me over there.  I need to remember they follow me for a reason and if they want to stop following me, then I need to be okay with it and keep on keepin’ on.
Blog party link ups are amazing and I love the support I’m receiving from them and the bloggers I’ve met while participating, I’ve always loved blog party link ups!
I need to work on my monthly views.  It’s still going up, but I have a loooong way to go to 50,000 views a month.  Content, content, content.  I need more creative content and I need to stay ahead of the game.
Okay, so with those few comments above, my income for the month of May…

Amazon Associates – $11.31

Google Adsense – $2.04

Grand Total – $13.35

Woo to the Hoo, am I right?!  I love that I earned those dollars!  

So there you have it!

I’d love all suggestions and ideas as to how to continue to grow this blog!

Thanks so very much for being here and supporting this growing blog of mine.

Marie 😉


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