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We’ve been living our best summer lives over here this week and, well, we haven’t been doing much, but somehow doing just enough all at the same time.
It’s been nice not to rush out the door and to have absolutely nowhere to be in the evenings.  I love that Jane can finish her naps without whisking her off to the older kids’ extracurriculars.
It’s been a week of mostly nothing and it’s been soooo needed.
In the midst of the relaxation, I’ve started decluttering.  I told Jon that I would’ve started this process back in 2020 while we were all home, but I was so busy with virtual learning and chasing a one year old around that it just wasn’t in the forecast.  I’m feeling like I’m finally waking up and I’m able to have the energy to take care of years of piles of all-the-things in our home and gosh – it feels so amazing!!!
Anyhoo, that’s a little recap on our week, let’s get to Friday Favorites.
We just got back about a week ago from our northern Michigan summer vacation and it was amazing.  Michigan is absolutely lovely this time of year and even though it was on the chilly side, we didn’t mind one bit, actually we were kept quite comfortable.  We made the best memories and had so much fun together as a family.


Some Amazon finds.
I ordered these bracelets to add a little something to my summer wardrobe…which usually consists of leggings and biker shorts, but hey, at least I’ll look a tad bit fancier in said biker shorts! 😉
I ordered these LED outdoor shatterproof lights for our back deck.  I love the way they look!  We’ll be putting them up today, so I’ll be back to share more as the deck comes together.

While up north, every room had amazing fleece blankets.  Being that it’s summer, you’d think that ordering one of these now wouldn’t exactly be on my list of things to do, but I used the fleece blanket in the rental house every single night.  Lots of people have air conditioning running during these summer months and if you’re like me, you like cold, but still cozy and with one foot sticking out of the blankets (Haha)!
This blanket is amazing, you guys!  I plan to order three more for the kids.  I know for a fact that these will come in handy in the fall and winter on cold Michigan nights.

Do you guys have one of these meat smashers?  Game changer!!!  That is all!  😉

I’m thinking about ordering this ping pong table set for a rainy day.  I’ve been seeing this on Instagram and people are really loving it.  It looks really fun and easy to set up!


I’m two income reports into my journey at monetizing this blog of mine.  I’m basically making pennies at this point, but it feels good to be intentional.  It’s definitely a Friday Favorite of mine due to all the hard work I’ve been putting in!  I’m super proud of myself.  I’ll take any and all advice that you’ve got!  

Little Explorers Nature Co.
Jane started a new class on Thursday – Little Explorers Nature Co.  It’s all around a new class.  Jane is our little social butterfly!  She loves being outdoors and being around other little kids.  It makes my heart so happy that she’s able to be around other little kids her age every Thursday this summer.  She was really excited for class AND big brother and big sister will be coming along every week,!


Oh the pressure…
The best!!!

Bahahaha!  This is like a dad joke and I’m here for it!

Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Friday to ya’, my friends!
Marie 🙂
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  1. I love that those bulbs are shatterproof! We have outdoor lights and I've always been worried about them shattering. So far we haven't had any issues, but I can imagine it'll be a MESS if one of them ever does break.

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