Blogging Stats

 It’s a Blogging Stats kind of a day!

This is almost embarrassing to share, but I figure if you’ve found yourself in this corner of the internet, then, welp…here you are. 😉  

For real though, those of you who follow along are friends and I’ve reluctantly convinced myself that I shouldn’t be scared to share my vulnerabilities with those of you who care enough to be here. 🙂 Thank YOU for being in this corner of my life.

Okay, so… the stats.

As of April 5th (I would’ve done April 1st, but I hadn’t thought to look at the stats), here’s where I stand.  I have an excrutiatingly long way to go, but as I mentioned last week, I’d love to at least give this blogging/social media world a shot.

It should be noted that I followed Lindsay’s format (with permission) for her blog posts about her blogging stats to help me with this list.  She’s absolutely amazing!  I also stalked several blog posts over at JustAGirlandHerBlog.

Blogging Stats as of April 5th, 2022

Blog Followers – 27

Pinterest Followers – 579

Pinterest Audience Size – 45,000

Pinterest Monthly Views – 39,780

Most Popular Pin – Barn Door – 7,940

Instagram Followers – 881

Facebook Followers – 18

March Blogger Views – 5185

April 5th Views – 235

Overall Blogger Views – 565,246

Bloglovin – 185

Google AdSense – 7 Day Performance RPM $2.16 (I’m learning more about this daily)

Highest Blog Posts Stats:

Summer Home Tour 2016 – 53,969

Sliding Barn Door White Entertainment Unit – 25,094

A Framed Magnetic Chalkboard – 21,362

Researching these numbers really forced me to delve into my numbers.  It was humbling, but also exciting to see that at one time, I was really giving it a go, and maybe…juuuuuust maybe it can happen again, but with way more oomph this time around.

Overall Blogging Earnings:

Google AdSense Complete Earnings (since 2016) – $168.55

Amazon Affiliates Complete Earnings (since 2015) – $120.63

There you have it!

Here’s to accountability, consistency and dedication!!!

Cheers, my friends – and thank you, yet again, for sticking around!

Marie 🙂


  1. Girl, 53,000 views on your top post is nothing to sneeze at! That is amazing!! I love Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog, too. She was one of my main inspirations for monetizing my blog. Her income reports were always some of my favorite posts of all time. It was so neat to watch her grow and see her different revenue streams! Oh, to make that kind of money from blogging! That would be amazing!

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