The Most Delicious Quinoa Bowl

Today I’m sharing with you…

wait for it…

a recipe!

Woo to the Hoo!

This meal is a weekly staple in our home and all three kids seem to enjoy it, too!

The best part about this Quinoa Bowl is that everything can be made ahead of time, which makes for a perfect and healthy mid-week meal in-between soccer practices, dance, music classes, piano, recitals and concerts!  Phew! 😉

The prep work is pretty easy and the ingredients are pure and simple.

Ingredients for the bowl:
Shelled Edamame
Red Onion
Black Beans
Chop, thaw (and boil and cool, if needed) and place it all in a bowl.
Protein is optional in the form of shredded chicken or Tempeh
Now I usually eyeball it here, but I use…
One cup-ish of plain Fage Greek Yogurt
1/2 cup of water
Two avocados
About a third of a cup of Olive Oil
A nice squeeze of Lemon Juice
All the minced garlic you could ever want 😉
a dash of Cayenne Pepper (and a dash of salt is desired)
Blend the dressing ingredients together and TADA, you’ve got yourself one super healthy and homemade dressing!
Next up, pour that delicious goodness on top of your bowl and you’ve got yourself…
 The Most Delicious Quinoa Bowl!
Thanks as always for scrolling through!  
Happy Eating, Friends!
Marie 🙂


  1. Oh this looks soooo good!! I love quinoa so I'll definitely have to try this! I feel like I'm in a lunch rut and I've been looking for something new, and this might just be the thing. Pinning it now!

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