Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Hey there, friends!
Can you believe Easter is right around the corner?
I wanted to throw together a quick graphic/blog post of some of our favorite items that could easily be incorporated into an Easter basket for your favorite little toddler.  I’ve also included a few times that we’ve yet to use.  Rumor has it, the bunny-man-himself will be bringing a few of these goodies into our home on Easter morning!  Gasp!
Feel free to “hop to it” and take a look around! 😉

1. Duck and Bunny Bubble Wands

2. Bug Bungalow

3. Easter Dot Marker Activity Book

4. Native Shoes

5. Bunny Cotton Candy

6. Pogo Stick

7. Water WOW! Paint Book

8. Kids Gardening Tool Set

9. Hunter Boots

10. 2000 Busy Farm Stickers

11. Biscuit’s Pet and Play Book

Thanks for stopping by for this quick little post!  I’ll be posting another guide for the bigger kids, too!

Marie 🙂

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