March 2022 – Prime Purchases

I’m stopping by today to share our Amazon Prime Purchases from the month of March.

Last month’s Amazon purchases were kind of all over the place – they were either Disney related, Cinderella-themed or oddly specific to our needs.  For example, Jon always orders sardines through Amazon, yeah, sardines.  Needless to say, I won’t be linking that purchase.  Sorry, Jon.  😉 He also ordered caps for our deck, trash bags, a flag pole…yes, a flag pole, and speaker wires.

To be fair, I ordered some pretty crazy Disney items/essentials.  I’ll save you from all the Disney stuff on this post.  But I can’t promise I’ll post more Disney content at any other given time.  😉 Ha!

With all that being said, here’s some of what we DID order that’s somewhat normal…

Black and White Outdoor Umbrella

This beauty is on sale from $282.15 to $99.19 and it has nice reviews!  We currently have a navy umbrella, but we’ve been wanting a change.  I’d love to just do beige, but the exterior of our house is yellow and beige and yellow seem to clash.
We figured this cute black and white striped umbrella could be fun up against the yellow and hopefully a fun view from down by the lake.

White Noise Machine

We had purchased one of these white noise machines for Jane’s bedroom after her fan finally quit.  The fan was being used entirely as white noise, and not so much for cooling off, so once it kicked the bucket I figured we should probably just get a small little while noise machine instead of another fan.

We loved it so much that we purchased another one for our bedroom.  The noises are at a perfect decibel, too.  Some are too high for me and some aren’t loud enough.  Both, Jon and I, have been sleeping soundly and we’ll be getting two more for Henry and Eliza!


Okay, so I want Botox.  However, I live in a place where it’s difficult to get every so often, so, until the time comes (AKA when Jane is in school) and I’m available to actually keep up with Botox, I’ve been using these.  I swear I frown so much in my sleep.  I kid you not that when I use one of these triangles the line in-between my eyes isn’t as apparent.  Is it Botox?  Nope.  Does it help during the hours that I’d otherwise be frowning?  Heck yes and it noticeably helps!

 Balloon Arch

I’ve been on a balloon arch kick for a couple of years.  This one I had ordered for Jane’s 3rd Birthday was perfect for her Cinderella-themed party.  I loved the huge balloons along with the itty bitty ones.  Oh and I should have linked the balloon-blower-upper-thing!  Haha!  Get one of those!  We use ours all the time!  

Anyway – balloon arches are so fun – you should buy yourself a balloon arch!  😉

We also decided that Jane needed a bubble machine at her party – because apparently we’re extra like that! 
*shrugs shoulders*
We did end up putting this outside because the amount of bubbles is over the top amazing, but bubbles and hard woods floors makes for not only a sticky situation, but also serves as a safety hazard!
We plan to use it this summer too.
About five years ago we went to a “new sandy beach party,” yes, that was a thing, and on the “new beach” the owners had a bubble machine and it was magic.  
We don’t have a fancy sandy beach, BUT, we do now own this awesome bubble machine – so there’s that! 

A few nights ago Jon had informed me he didn’t have a pillow.  He had been taking one of Eliza’s pillows to sleep with every night and somewhere along the way I guess I had thrown his away thinking I’d get a new…but, well, I forgot.  Oops.
We have two new pillows arriving from Amazon today.  These have great reviews and they’re very reasonably priced.  
I’m 39, with three kids, a cat and a husband.  These were essential.  ‘Nuff said.

Our Roku remotes suddenly decided to stop working last month.  We got by through using the app on our phone, but nothing compares to the remote.  Amazon to the rescue with two new Roku remotes!
Now we can watch our Outlander in peace!
But seriously, who else is watching?  That show is amazing!
There you have it!
So many great finds this past month!
Thanks soooo much for stopping by.
Marie 🙂
I’m linking up with Tanya at The Other Side of the Road for Prime Purchases.

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  1. Yes, Amazon has any and everything. My hubby orders all his yard fertilizers and chemicals from them. It's crazy! The UPS driver and I are best buddies. And, I almost always have a return for him to pick up. They make returning so easy. May have to check out the frownies, never heard of such. Thanks for stopping by, always great to make a new blogging friend.

  2. Yes – I get that! I'm so grateful for Amazon, mostly because we don't have many stores near us. We have grocery stores and a Home Depot, but not much else. The Frownies have helped me a lot. I've been tearing them in half and wear them when I know I'll be squinting (while watching tv), and of course while I'm sleeping. They've seemed to help with my little headaches, too, since I'm not frowning as hard. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, by the way!

  3. Thanks so much! They're so good! I tear them in half now to make them last longer. It's not a long term fix, but they seem to help. I wear them when I'm sleeping or watching tv – I squint when watching tv because we always have the subtitles on these days! LOL! Thanks so much!!!

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