Life Lately – A Christmas Recap

Welp, we’re 19 days into the new year and here I am finally posting my Christmas recap.  I’m going to stay positive here and say that’s a win!
We started the holiday fun with the obligatory baking of all the things.  I believe in my last blog post I mentioned how much Jane loved this and how she sat for hours helping us bake and decorate.  It was definitely the first time Jane sat and enjoyed the process and the mess that comes along with it!
The older two know the drill and loved decorating just as much as they did as when they were little.
Ignore the messes in the background. 
We headed to Grandpa George and Grandma Terri’s house for Christmas.
Lots of snuggles.
The kids were extremely patient when it came to waiting to open gifts.
Love this sweet picture I was able to capture. 
The best we could do…  LOL!
Again…being extremely patient while awaiting the big fun!
The girls respectively awaiting their turns…
Henry and his Christmas hats.  He’s always been my jolly little elf.
Jane taking in the magic.
We awoke to Elmer and Violet in jars!
We headed over to my parents’ house to help my mom prepare for her Christmas Eve with my aunt and cousin.  My sister and her kids met up with us over there, too.  We made plans to get together on my side of the family the Thursday following Christmas so that we could all be together.  My mom needed a little help due to her being my Dad’s primary caregiver.  I haven’t talked about this much, but he received the diagnosis of vascular dementia last year around this time and then has been fighting the lasting effects of Covid, as well.  My heart aches for them and my living two hours away doesn’t help either, so I hope to swing by anytime I’m around.
My mom’s Christmas village is the epitome of nostalgia and it brings back happy memories of good health.
Eliza in one of her many sleeping pictures I’ve taken throughout the years.  Girlfriend was exhausted.
Happy dreams sweet boy…
The elves and one of their last tricks…
Christmas Eve cleaning!  Yes, son, yes!
Girlfriend cooking up eggs!  Oh the independence!  Time is flying.
On Christmas Eve I woke up and decided we needed more cookies…
My little elves…
Elmer and Violet somehow wrote out a message that the kids could hold them until 4 p.m.!  
Naturally the kids watched a movie with their favorite little elf friends…
Jane woke up from her nap and was thrilled!
Our “fancy” Christmas dinner.  Eliza decorated and set the table…
The pajama elves came.  This is a tradition that has been upheld ever since I was a little girl.
Eliza looks happy here, but immediately started crying because she didn’t think the pajamas would fit.
Looks good to me! 
Setting out milk and cookies…
Watching a Christmas movie…
Reindeer food…
Reading The Night Before Christmas.  Jane and her silliness…
Santa came!

Christmas morning!
Jane received her “Anna Go Castle!”

…and the kids received lots of goodies that made them smile…

His face!  Bahahaha!

The aftermath…
Eliza received a Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron and she loved it!  It was so fun to watch!

Basically all the Christmas gifts for me…in total.  Both sets of parents give to all the grandkids and nobody else does a gift exchange anymore, so I was extremely grateful to have a few presents to open!  Totally not bitter, it’s just the way it is!  It makes me TRULY appreciate the thoughtfulness from Jon – I received some good ones.  A North Face jacket, Hunter booties and a pair of Lululemon leggings!
We had a friend over for a sleep over the Sunday after Christmas!  We love this girly to pieces!  
We decorated cupcakes and had so much fun!

They did each other’s makeup and decided Jane needed a makeover, as well.  Oh to be the little sister.

On Monday morning, the 27th, I had to wake up bright and early to get my Disney Dining Reservations, with my Disney Princess cup that I’ve had since I was in my teens.  My alarm was set and I hardly slept a wink!  I was nervous with sweaty palms and everything.  My phone and computer were ready to go, but it was my phone that rescued me after attempting to book reservations on my laptop just wouldn’t work.  Luckily, I got a bunch of reservations on my “want” list!  I was exhausted for the rest of the day!
I took the kids to a bounce house event in town.  I thought they’d be more excited, but Henry stayed up late after spending the night at a friend’s house and Jane was intimidated by all the people and overwhelming bounce houses, poor thing is a Pandemic toddler/baby, so these types of things really get to her.

It was a great event, but we didn’t stay long.  Once home, Henry went to his bedroom and fell asleep for hours!
On the Thursday following Christmas we headed to my sister’s house to finally celebrate my side of the family’s Christmas.

My sister, me, my brother Mike (and his son, Michael), my mom and my dad.  My brother, Paul, is currently fighting his own health battles.  He fell in 2018 and has a TBI and has been in a home and on a ventilator every since.  My heart breaks looking at this picture.  My dad’s health and my brother not being able to ever come to these events ever again.  I only mention it now to remember it all.  I am, however, extremely grateful for this picture.  My dad is still here.  We had a Christmas AND I was finally able to see my older brother just before Christmas, as well as twice more since then.  Oh my heart aches.
My brother Paul’s daughter, Aurora, to the far right.  

All the grandkids.  My dad…oh dad…I’m so, so very sorry…
It’s not fair.
Lastly, a New Year’s party with all the kids and our neighbor bestie, Amy!  She snuck in for this picture and I love it!  She kept me going during all the virtual learning and the stress that came with it and she continues to be there for me during these difficult times.  She’s an amazing best friend and I love her!
There you have it.  Hopefully it wasn’t too sad, but it’s real and I want to remember these moments – the real moments.
Happy New Year to you all.  Stay healthy.  Stay kind.
Marie 🙂


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