Eliza’s Last Day of Four Year Old Pre-School

This sweet girl.
This. Sweet. Girl.
Little Miss. Eliza graduated from 4 year-old preschool and now girlfriend is headed to (*gulp*) kindergarten in the fall.
Cue the waterfalls…
I thought Eliza’s last day would be a breeze.  Boy was I wrong.
As I was walking through the church doors and into the school hallway I was overcome with emotion.  We’ve been attending Kindermusik classes at this church since Henry was four months old and both kids have attended three-year-old and four-year-old preschool in this building.  It finally occurred to me that this was THE last time we’d be walking through those doors as having a student enrolled in a program…

Somehow I managed to hold myself together – just a little tear in each eye.
Eliza was excited to graduate!
Drop off was at 8:30 and I had to be back by 10:00.  Jon couldn’t attend the ceremony due to him not being able to cancel out his day.  I was bummed, but tried not to dwell on it in front of Eliza so that she wouldn’t be sad.

I got in a quick run, showered and headed back to the school.
Once again, I thought I’d be fine and not get all emotional.
Miss. Michele is an assistant teacher and we just love, love, love her.  She got us through some tough times when Henry was three.  He would hide, get upset, cry and was VERY reserved.  She and Henry bonded BIG TIME!  She was a lifesaver AND she had (has) THE most patience EVER!
She was equally as kind and loving to Eliza.  We sure were going to miss her and of course, once she started to cry – I could no longer contain my emotions, either.  We just love her.
Eliza’s amazing teacher Miss. Courtney also gave a speech about which families were coming back for another year in the fall and who were completely done attending the program.  She mentioned our family leaving and boy, that was rough to hear.  Good thing I was wearing sunglasses because the faces I was making whilst attempting to hold back tears in front of everyone were, I’m sure, quite frightening.  😉

The littles…

I just….I just…..I just started crying again………….

After the ceremony, Eliza and I headed back through those hallway doors to grab her backpack and to say goodbye to those memories one last time…

How was it time for us to be done here???  I’m sure Eliza was thinking, “Mom, seriously – are you crying AGAIN?”  Haha

I snapped this picture and the “OUT” sign got to me.
Eliza was ready.
It was time to go…

Watch out, kindergarten!  Here we come!
Marie 🙂

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