Daddy/Daughter Dance 2023

 Hey guys!  Happy Baby Friday!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been feeling very blah this week.  I feel like everything’s been getting done, but nothing’s been getting done.  Do you ever have those kinds of days/weeks?  I’ve also had some anxiety going into the week…and it all started early Monday morning and then the world happenings made me feel sort of paralyzed in thought…ugh.

Anyway, I’m here now… attempting to get myself back into the week – better late than never.  I just finished up a 4 mile run on the treadmill and sorted three baskets of laundry.  Jane has to be picked up from preschool in twenty minutes, but I’m determined to post this blog post of our lovely Eliza and her 4th grade Daddy/Daughter Dance!

She was so excited!!!  It all started with getting ready together with Eliza’s friend, Ashlyn, who was on Kids Messenger with us as we did our hair, put on makeup and painted our nails.  LOL!  That was new for me!

Henry was part of the PPA – Princess Protection Agency…  LOL!
It’s tradition that Jon never sees Eliza’s dress until the day of the dance.  Then there’s whole thing where she walks down the hallway and Jon has to wait for the big reveal.  Hahaha!  I love it all so much!
Eliza wanted to look like Cinderella and I think we pulled it off!  She was feeling so pretty.

Jane wanted to be in every single picture…  I had to let her stand in some of the pics but just take pictures of Jon and Eliza.  It was pretty funny.  Oh to be 3…

The back of Eliza’s dress was so pretty and I was super grateful for not having to tie a bow!  Ha!

These two were headed out to eat a fancy meal at Jimmy John’s with Ashlyn and Ashlyn’s dad, Jason.  They are wild, I tell ya!  Hahaha!
Jon said that Eliza had lots of fun with her girlfriends and they brought home lots of photo booth pictures that I absolutely love!  It’s funny to see personalities coming out more and more from all the girls.  I wish I could show all of them, but the girls took A LOT of pictures.  LOL!
These are such precious memories.  I love that our community hosts a Daddy/Daughter Dance!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I’ll be back tomorrow with my Friday Favorites!
Marie 🙂

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