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 Hey there, friends and Happy Friday to one and all!!!

I’ve been busy, busy over here helping with our School Boosters (PTO), driving Jane to her OTI appointments, grocery shopping, doing the dishes and blogging!  I’ve also joined a new local running group for our county and they’re hosting a 50 mile challenge for the month of February, which has been great to keep motivated and moving.  I was even able to get in an outside run on Tuesday after I dropped off Jane at preschool and it felt soooo dang good to get outside!

One thing I need to get going on is the laundry.  I’m really behind on the laundry – I’ve had the same laundry sitting in the same place since Sunday, so that’s on the agenda today.  Boo!  That’s not my idea of a good time.


You know what IS my idea of a good time?  These Chocolate Covered Football Strawberries I made for Super Bowl Sunday!  How was that for a transition?!

Ha!  But for real, this is a super easy dessert for Super Bowl Sunday and I’d absolutely love it if you checked it out and gave it a try!  

An Easy Super Bowl Dessert - Chocolate Covered Football Strawberries


Next up, I blogged about stripping wood by using oven cleaner and I love how this frame turned out!  I blogged all about it here!


I recently shared how much I love this lotion in my Prime Purchases blog post and I just needed to share it again.  Long story short, I’ve struggled with eczema on my upper back for years and years and I finally decided to use this lotion that I just happened to have lying around because I had purchased it for Eliza.  

Lo and behold – it worked miracles for my skin and, even with scarred skin, I’m far more confident to wear clothing that shows my upper back now!!!  You can read more about it in my blog post mentioned above.  It truly worked and I’m so very impressed by this product that I want to give it a hug every single time I see it!



An IG friend of mine mentioned and posted about favorite games for preschoolers and I thought – hmmm…that’d be a fun thing to share with everyone!  I’ve rounded up some of our favorite tried and true preschooler games to share with all of you.  Do you have a favorite?

Favorite Preschooler Games

Aaaaand that’s about it over here!  Thanks soooo very much for stopping by and supporting this little blog of mine!  It means so much!
Best Wishes and Happy Friday,
Marie 🙂
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