Easter Weekend Recap…Finally

Hey friends and fam!  Happy twelve days after Easter!
We’ve been busy, busy, busy over here.  So much so that an Easter recap never came to fruition.  Actually, I’ve had this post mostly ready to go since early last week, but I was just too lazy tired to type words to put the finishing touches on this bad boy and hit “publish.”
Better late than never, eh?
Let’s rewind all the way back to three Wednesdays ago when we had to go and retake the kids’ Easter pictures at our favorite photography studio.  The first session didn’t exactly go as planned – lots of grumpy faces and jumping out of the set (mostly Henry).  Lucky for us the sweet owners set up a private time for the kiddos to give it another go.

So nice of them, right?!
The first session included a real bunny, as it does every year, but for the second time around they had the most adorable little ducklings on their set and oh-my-goodness… I soooo wanted to smuggle one out of there!
For the record, no smuggling of ducklings occurred.
Here are the kids right before we went inside for the professional pictures to be taken.
Oh and by the way, they did great!
Let’s jump over to Good Friday.
It was absolutely gorgeous outside, so much so that the kids asked to put on their swimsuits and for us to hook up the sprinkler.

Say what!?
Oh man, that warm Michigan weather felt awesome!

Look at my Hubby pulling weeds down by the lake – what a fella!

BTW, I was also working hard.  I was just taking a break for some photo ops.

Ahem…  😉

Saturday we did more yard work and spring cleaning and at the eleventh hour, I mean I’m talking right before bedtime, we finally dyed our Easter eggs.
We usually don’t wait so long to dye Easter eggs, but the weather was too beautiful to be inside.
But we did it!

Henry was loving the fact that the egg dyeing kit also came with a marker.
Little man grabbed my phone and took some close-ups of his eggs.
For your viewing pleasure, I’ve included three of his masterpieces…………..you’re welcome.

After the obligatory dyeing-of-the-eggs, I cleaned up the kitchen and Jon gave the kids a quick bath.
Henry had a super loose tooth and he was certain his tooth was going to come out on Easter Eve!  He thought it’d be awesome for the Easter Bunny AND the Tooth Fairy to have to make appearances on the same night.

Unfortunately that tooth didn’t wiggle itself out in time, but you know what – I don’t think Henry even gave it a second thought come Easter morning.  In fact, that little man was so excited about the Easter Bunny that he quite literally bounced into our bed around 2:30 a.m. informing us that the Easter Bunny had been to our house!
We snuggled with him for a bit and then Jon carried him back to his bedroom…only to be jumped on again nice and early Sunday morning!
These kids were p-u-m-p-e-d for Easter morning!

The Easter Bunny left lots of Shopkins for Eliza, a Pokemon book and Legos for Henry.  The rest of their Easter baskets were filled with a little bit of candy, bubbles, a Curious George book, bunny ears and the movie, Moana.
We watched Moana that morning while the kids ate breakfast.  They then slowly turned into some sort of sugar zombies, especially the one with the pink bunny ears…

Terrifying, right?  😉 I kid, I kid.

Next up, Easter egg hunt…
Need I say more?


We had made reservations for an Easter brunch at one o’clock at one of our favorite restaurants about 40 minutes north of where we live.

We put on our Sunday best and out the door we went.

Here we are attempting a family photo with a lovely parking lot behind us.

We headed inside to wait for our turn to be seated.  I was about to take a picture of Jon and the kids when a woman told me to get in the picture, too.  I was thrilled.  I really wanted a decent family photo.
Welp, folks – this is the best we could do.  At least all of our eyes were open…AND there’s not a parking lot in the background!
We try, we really do…

After a wonderful brunch and a relaxing car ride home we came back to the house and just enjoyed being outside.

Then I decided it was time to show off more of my gorgeous and amazingly comfortable dress.  
Ladies, you NEED this dress!

Oh my comfortable.
I won this dress from Stefanie’s Pink Blush giveaway over at LexieLooLilyLiamDylanToo’s IG page.  
Thanks again, girl!
A model I am not, but this dress was too fabulous not to photograph!
Seriously, go buy one!

I also knew I wanted to get a new blog profile picture of myself on Easter.  At one point I had asked the kids to take a few pictures of me while I was wearing makeup, sporting a pretty dress and while I still had my hair down.

I couldn’t waste all that effort!
Henry was up first to help out his Mama.
Brother actually snapped some decent photos, meaning I was actually in the frame, but I just wasn’t feeling the angle.  Haha!
Hmm…and what am I doing?  Taking my pulse?
Next up, it was Eliza’s turn..
Then I tried taking matters into my own hands.
I set up my phone, continuously set and pressed the self-timer and took about a trillion embarrassing photos of myself.

I’m sure the neighbors a couple doors down thought I was nuts.
Anyhoo, it was a little more difficult than I had originally thought it would be.
First the wind…

Then I became a news anchor…

Next, I apparently morphed into a playful kitten…

Then I became a hunched over dinosaur…
*shaking head*
Posing for photos can be excruciating.  Can you say, Chandler Bing?
Ten bucks to the first person who gets that reference.
I’m more of a photojournalistic type of girl.  If I have to be photographed, I prefer to be photographed in the moment rather than posing with an awkward smile slapped on my face.
Anyway, I eventually got this one.
I’ve decided to use this one for this bloggity blog up there in the right hand corner.
My hands are a bit large in the pic, but whatevs.  Gotta do whatcha gotta do, you know?
*shrugs shoulders*

On that note, I’ll now end this Easter recap…which also somehow quickly escalated into “Marie’s Photographic Portfolio.”


Thanks for stopping by today, guys!
Marie 🙂

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