Gumdrop Christmas Creations

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Today’s craft/treat of the day is so much fun – Gumdrop Christmas Creations!  We’ve got ourselves a reindeer, a snowman, a Santa, a penguin, a tree and a little gift!  These little fellas could look so cute out on display in your kitchen or as an activity to do with older kids…or heck, you can just purchase the gumdrops and eat them, because why not?!  LOL!

I found these gumdrops at Walmart, but here’s a little link to them from the Walmart website just in case you don’t want to go on a gumdrop hunt – the link is a one pound bag.  😉

Okay, back to these cute little creations and how to make them…

The great thing about these is that the gumdrops alone will stick together, so no need for any edible adhesive or toothpicks…

…all that matters is that at least one side of each gumdrop is cut so it’ll adhere to the next layered gumdrop.

The most tedious part of the process was adding these tiny sprinkles as eyes, a snowman’s mouth and Christmas lights to the tree.  This took some patience and the end of a knife to poke and flatten them into the gumdrops.  I did try to use icing, but my tip was too big, so if you decide to make these that could definitely be an option.  Or if kids are making these you could always use little googly eyes.  🙂

Next, I stood my little sugared friends up and sprinkled snow around the plater…

Gumdrop Christmas Creations - Gumdrop Santa, Gumdrop Reindeer, Gumdrop Snowman, Gumdrop Christmas Tree, Gumdrop Penguin, Gumdrop Gift

Mr. Rudolph is my favorite.  🙂

These were so fun to make and I could feel my creative juices in full throttle!  I did mess up on quite a few, namely a gumdrop gingerbread man that just wasn’t looking right.  EEK!  If you end up making these I’d love, love, love to see what you come up with!
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