Friday Favorites

How is it already Friday?!

Geesh!  I’ve been over here running around like crazy trying to get all the Christmas things done and I’m still feeling veeeeery behind.  Our kids are done with school in a week, but Wednesday of next week Eliza has her class party and then Thursday and Friday are half days…who’s idea was that?!  LOL!  It also seems be hard to really get into the Christmas spirit after losing Dad in August…I realized last night that I haven’t really turned on any Christmas music.  That’s going to be a priority this weekend, to turn on Christmas music.

Before I start running around again, I needed to make sure my mind was right and my Friday Favorites post was posted!

Also, and I feel like I’m begging here, but I’d absolutely love it if you gave me a follow me on Pinterest and/or Instagram.  I’m trying so darn hard to grow this blog and I would absolutely love a follow!  Thanks so much!

Okay, back to it!


These gloves are currently on sale over at Amazon and a $10.00 coupon can be applied at checkout.  If you live where it snows, then these would make a fantastic gift!  We were skiing up in northern Michigan in February and the temperature that day was -9 degrees.  Jon’s fingers just about froze off and these would’ve been super helpful!

Heated Gloves

The kids love using these glasses while going on Christmas light adventures!

3D Christmas Glasses

I’m loving these vintage class coffee mugs soooo much!  They remind me of visits to my grandma’s house!  I can imagine stirring some cream into my coffee in these pretty mugs.

 Vintage Glass Coffee Mugs

I’ve been over here creating lots of Christmas content and I’ve been sharing it over on Instagram Reels as well as over on Pinterest!  Guys, my Pinterest Impressions are up over 400,000!!!!  Now to just get those numbers to translate to more views on the blog and earn some moola!  😉
This week, these little Gumdrop Christmas Creations were made…

…Jane and I made paintable cardboard gingerbread houses (post coming soon)…

…and I made the easiest stocking tags EVER!

Some funnies!

Thanks so very much for stopping by!  Okay, back to the grind I go!  Good luck out there, friends!
Thanks so very much for stopping by.
Each and every view and comment means so much!
Best Wishes Always,
Marie 🙂
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