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Hello there, Monday! For the past week or so, we’ve been dealing with coughs, running noses and exhaustion and it seems I was the lucky winner to get whatever is going around last. I’m feeling a bit under the weather this morning, BUT, I managed to get a lot done since we were actually home this past weekend, so woohoo for that!

We’re all excited for Christmas and our house is pretty much done and decorated, I still have some shopping to do, but I’ve already wrapped some gifts, so that’s a huge win. This year is a magical year for our Jane. She’ll be five in March and I’m really working on the magic of the season over here. I plan to really amp it up in the coming days!

We love this sweet girl so much.

I FINALLY managed to get our Christmas cards ordered last week. I purposely scheduled our photos months ago…it was 90 degrees…and it was all in hopes that I’d have our Christmas cards ordered far in advance…but nope. LOL! …..and so it goes…

Here are some photos from our session that I did not include on our cards… love them so much!

Jane and I ran some errands last week and Santa just happened to be strolling around! Jane has been hesitant around Santa this year, but she managed to smile and take a picture after being offered a candy cane. 🙂

Eliza stayed home last week due to not feeling well, but we had absolutely no food in our house and so she had to come with us to the grocery store. I felt terrible that she couldn’t rest and really awful potentially spreading germs. We tried to be careful and then she was sent to bed once we arrived back home.

A little ride on Sandy…

On Thursday, I headed to my friend, Sara’s house for a girl’s night full of bread, cheese and drinks! We had so much fun!

Jane on December 1st and that Christmas outfit and that smile – oh my!!!

On Friday evening I was showered and in cozy pajamas by 5! I was more than ready for the weekend.

Over the weekend, we managed to watch Home Alone, Elf and The Santa Clause 2, as well as the Michigan football game. The tv was on a lot, but it was just what we all needed.

Jane brought us these “desserts” and drew us all pictures. I love the little green heart I received from her. 🙂

I sent this picture to Jon of me watching the Michigan football game without a drink in my hand. Alas, it stayed empty. Boo! Hahahaha!

Jon and I were trying to stay intentional with Jane all weekend, which left us utterly exhausted. Henry and Eliza don’t play much with Jane, which leaves that to us. Jane and I made this huge sheet fort and had a lot of fun!

What a week! I’m already tired and it’s only Monday!

Thanks so much for scrolling through!

Marie 🙂

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