Hello Tuesday – A Waterpark, Thanksgiving and U of M Football

Why, hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Hello Monday recap! I’ve had a couple of drafts sitting around since September, but I haven’t had much time to sit and hit, “publish.” I swear, we barely sit down over here these days, except to eat and drive. LOL!

We had a fantastic holiday weekend! We surprised the kids with a night at Splash Village Waterpark in Frankenmuth, Michigan the day before Thanksgiving! It’s one our favorite places to visit and we usually take the kids around Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. It’s always an easy visit and we never tire of visiting Splash Village. For as many times as we’ve visited throughout the years, the kids were and still are absolutely surprised and thrilled to visit!

We usually reserve a room ahead of time, but Splash Village is usually pretty quiet the day before Thanksgiving, so we figured we didn’t need to make reservations. Upon arriving, Jon went to get a room and they were sold out! Whaaaat?! LUCKILY, they had just had a cancellation! Phew!

I took my trusty ALDI bag along with me to hold a few items.

The kids had a blast!

Jon and I ended up getting some Mommy and Daddy drinks…because why the heck not?!

The next morning we headed to breakfast and the waterpark until we had to leave. We headed into downtown Frankenmuth later in the morning. We love this little downtown.

We headed to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and the girls were having fun crafting. Jane was thrilled at her first ever cut out heart!

The day after Thanksgiving we took the kids to the movies. This was their first time watching a movie with reclining seats! Oh the thrill!

On Saturday morning Jon, myself and Henry headed out the door around 6:15 a.m. and drove over to Ann Arbor for the U of M / Ohio State game. We met up with a friend, Jason, who flew all the way from Washington. Jason is a HUGE U of M fan and Jon and Jason have been friends since Dental School.

Jon and Henry throwing the football… loved this…

As we walked over to the stadium we saw the team getting on the buses.

I told Henry, “They see you,” and snapped a picutre!

We made sure to get a picture of Henry in front of Bo Schembechler Hall!

The Team, The Team, The Team!

We arrived nice and early and I’m so happy we did! Henry was pumped!

Jon and I had been on the fence about getting tickets for this game, but eventually, Jon had purchased two for the two of us so that we could hang out with Jason. We then started having major guilt about Henry not going. Henry wakes up and watches old Michigan plays on his computer and knows the players and rules. He’s far more knowledgeable about football than I am and he talks about it all the time. So, we decided to get him a ticket, too! BEST. DECISION. EVER! I did have to sit by myself for half the game and then Jon and I switched to sit with Henry, but it all worked out as we were really close to one another. We were close to our friend, Jason, and his dad, too…as well, as our other friend’s, Brian and Kathryn, sitting up with the box seats! It was great!

We never do one-on-one days like this – it was perfect!!!

The crowd was soooo loud!

Michigan ended up winning and I had told Jon ahead of time that I’d rush the field with Henry if Michigan won! It was awesome and I regret nothing! LOL!!! I love this boy and I hope he remembers it forever!!!

I mean…. Over 100,000 of my friends. LOL!

After meeting Jon at a predetermined meeting spot within the stadium, we walked back to the car and snapped a quick picture of all of us who met at the game!

Later, while driving home, someone posted this picture of the flyover! How crazy is that!? We were sitting just under the plane!

After picking up the girls from my mom’s house, we then had to head all the way home. We were completely exhausted! Henry fell asleep in all of his clothes and Blake Corum jersey…oh my heart! I’m sure he had the best dreams!

We awoke a little groggy the next day, but I was determined to get a Christmas tree! Jane was having the best time!

We decided on a different kind of tree this year, mostly because nobody could decide on one together. This tree is extremely crooked and it’s a hot mess, but Henry liked it and Eliza kind of said yes to it, so we went with it.

We had to drag it behind the car and it was pretty dang funny!

While Jon attached the tree to the top of the car, we walked around for a bit…

Jane wanted to be Santa! Haha!

We were ready to go!

Phew! What. A. Crazy. Five. Days!!!! I think we’ll be tired until Friday! It was all worth it though!

Thanks so much for scrolling through! Have the best day/week!

Marie 🙂

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