What I bought for Universal Studios and Disney World

We just arrived back from our trip to Universal Studios and Disney World and while I still have some recaps coming in the near future, I thought I’d share where I made some of our clothing purchases!

Before heading to the Disney parks, we stopped by Universal for a day and I found some really great robes for all three kids. It was cooler in the morning, so they were able to keep the robes on for quite a bit. The robes were pretty lightweight and once the day became warmer, the kids were able to take them off and we just laid them on top of the stroller we were using for Jane.

Jane’s Hufflepuff Robe // Eliza’s Gryffindor Robe // Henry’s Ravenclaw Robe

I loved the way the hoods looked!

I knew that once it was hot the kids would want to continue supporting their “houses.” These shirts worked great!

Henry’s Ravenclaw Shirt // Eliza’s Gryffindor Shirt // Jane’s Hufflepuff Shirt

We enjoyed a pool day while Jon was away at a CE Course and Jane rocked the same swimsuit Eliza wore 6 years ago when we stay at The Boardwalk! Time flies. I couldn’t find the exact swimsuit since it’s been so many years, but here are a couple of other adorable options…

Minnie Mouse Bathing Suit // Another Cute Swimsuit Option

We headed to dinner and Jane wore this adorable dress from Walmart…

Jane’s Little Mermaid Dress // Velcro Shoes

I loved how the kids were coordinating on this day!

Jane wore the cutest little Minnie Mouse inspired dress to Magic Kingdom. This dress came with a headband, but not Mickey Ears.

Jane’s Minnie Mouse Dress

There’s a lot to unpack in this picture! My heart was so happy that my Mom joined us all week! We all had a blast together! She looked super cute, too!! I won’t be linking her outfits, but she did give me a briefing of where her clothes came from every morning. I mean, she’s so adorable, right?!!!

Package of Mickey Ears // Henry’s Mickey Hat // Henry’s Mickey T-Shirt // My Mickey Mouse T-Shirt // Eliza’s Sparkly Mickey Hat // Eliza’s Shorts // Lanyards

Here’s a selfie of me in my outfit at 7 a.m.! I was ready to go and extremely comfy! I’m still working on trying to find this hat… I was even asked about it while in the parks.

The girls visited Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and while Eliza’s only ten, she wears a woman’s size small in most cases, so I decided to pack dresses just in case their largest size wouldn’t fit my beautiful, growing little girl. I wasn’t about to not let her dress like a princess. I happened to find this Rapunzel dress and it fit perfectly.

We then ate inside the castle at Cinderella’s Royal Table and my Rapunzel met the castle’s Rapunzel and it was everything!

Eliza’s Rapunzel Dress

I brought a dress for Jane, as well, just to make things easier. She chose Belle. As a surprise, Henry had asked me to buy this Prince Charming T-Shirt to surprise his sisters! Best big brother EVER! Henry’s 12 and will be 13 in May and wears a size 16…so this option worked great. Also, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique does give boy makeovers and Henry did get one yeeeeears ago, but we opted just for the girls and it worked out beautifully.

Henry’s Prince Charming Shirt // Jane’s Belle Dress

The girls ended up getting BBB T-Shirts while at Magic Kingdom, which worked great when they wore them to Epcot the next day and Henry was able to wear another shirt he wanted to get to coordinate with his sisters…

Princess Protection Agency T-Shirt

We headed to Hollywood Studios and the girls went with a Toy Story theme. Jane dressed as Jessie and Eliza found a cute Buzz Lightyear Dress…it was important that it twirled nicely. Haha! Love her!

Jane’s hat was adorable!!!! Moments after this picture was taken, it fell in a toilet. Oy. Never a dull moment, I tell ya! We wrapped it in plastic and put it through a washing machine once back to our hotel.

Jane’s Hat Before Falling in the Toilet 😉 // Jessie Dress

Eliza’s Buzz Lightyear Dress

While Jane’s dress came with Mickey Ears, Eliza’s did not, so I made sure to get her a pair, too. These ears were the most fancy, buuuut they definitely made for cute pictures!

Eliza’s Buzz Lightyear Ears

Here’s Eliza wearing the same T-Shirt that I had worn on the first day – it’s from Target!

I did want to include Jon’s Donald Duck shirt – it made us laugh! I sported a red and white striped shirt – I almost bought a Mickey Iron-On and never did, but I think it could really customize this shirt and make it a little retro!

Jon’s Donald Duck T-Shirt // My Red and White Striped T-Shirt // The Mickey Iron-On I Didn’t Purchase

For the trip, we also purchased Eliza her own little toiletry bag, a new travel size hamper (I ALWAYS take a hamper when traveling) and Magic Band Holders.

Phew! I hope I did a decent job linking everything up! If there’s anything I missed, message me or leave a comment!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping, friends!!

Marie 🙂

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  1. So many cute finds! While we visit Disney and Universal often my boys have never wanted any of the fun themed clothing/hat items but I do so enjoy seeing them on everyone else in the parks.

    1. Thanks! It’s so fun you took them… outfits or not – I’m sure you made the most magical of memories! ✨✨✨

  2. Ohh! How wonderful! My dream is to go to Disney!
    I love the robes! Anything Harry Potter would be top of my list of things to buy!
    All of the outfits are so cute, especially the Mickey one’s.

    1. It’s definitely so very magical! I would love to work for Disney!!!! We love Harry Potter, too! I can’t wait to read the books again to our Jane once she’s a little older! 🙂

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