Fondant Covered Donut Ghosts

 Today I bring to you – Fondant Covered Donut Ghosts!

I was perusing the aisles of a few stores the other day and attempting to come up with a new little treat and I came up with these – Fondant Covered Donut Ghosts…with top hats, of course!  Ha!

Originally I had planned to make cake balls, but honestly, I didn’t have time which means neither do most of you!  Mom life is a busy life, so I opted to make this snack as easy as possible.

Here’s what I used – Hostess Donettes, white fondant (this is sold in smaller packages, if need be), a round cookie cutter, a rolling pin and, not pictured – I ended up using a black icing writer and black food coloring.

I stacked my three little ghosts for my favorite three little kids – they’re sticky so they just stuck together pretty easily.  I then ripped off a golfball size of fondant for each ghost…

I rolled and cut out the circles, but then I stretched them out to make more a ghost.
Next, I covered each little ghost and then drew on the easiest and cutest little faces.
Something was missing.  Hmmmm….
Finally, I decided that these little guys needed top hats!  Because, why not?!  Hahaha!
I decided to roll together some fondant and black food coloring.
They turned out so cute and increeeeedibly simple!
Fondant Covered Donut Ghosts with Top Hats - Halloween Treats for Kids
Now, some people like fondant and some don’t.  The beauty of this Halloween treat is that there’s so much goodness under the fondant to be had – three delicious donuts!  It’s a trick and a treat!  😉
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