Pre-Packaged Halloween Snacks for Kids

Homemade Halloween snacks for little ones can be a lot of fun to make, however soooooometimes, snacks need to be pre-packaged so I threw together a little post about Pre-Packaged Halloween Snacks for kids!

With that being said, I thought I’d just drop off a little display of some cute pre-packaged Halloween snacks here on the blog for those of you with wee little ones.  Heck, these would even be cute in school lunches!

These goodies are pretty self-explanatory, but here’s what you need anyway – white streamers, googly eyes, a hot glue gun, a Sharpie and then some decorative bats.  I had some bats on hand from my walls, but you can also print some off or cut some out by using construction paper.

Sooooo easy and festive!

The simplest ghosts…
Pre-Packaged Halloween Snacks for Kids
The most adorable and non-frightening bat.  Not going to lie, he’s my favorite.

Pre-Packaged Halloween Snacks for Kids

Silly mummies…
Pre-Packaged Halloween Snacks for Kids
…and some jolly pumpkins.
Aren’t these pre-packaged Halloween snacks for the kids so easy?!
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