First Day of School Pictures – Hello Monday

Hey there!  It’s Monday and today I’m sharing the kids’ first day of school pictures.  Better late than never!  
With that said, here’s basically a photo dump of the kids and the excitement that came along with going back to school.
Henry’s Middle School Orientation – Middle School, you guys?!?! – GASP! 
Comparing schedules with his friend Max…
Excited and handsome after orientation!
I love him so dang much!
First day of 6th grade!
About to go in – surprisingly, I didn’t cry!

Looking good, kiddo!

A kiss for his Mama…always.  🙂

Not sure how he’s a middle schooler!!
There he goes!  My heart.

AAAAAAaaaaaaand here’s Eliza’s first day of 4th grade!
My little loves.
I love that she still enjoys the cuteness that is Matilda Jane!
I’ll include another pic of all three kiddos here – so much cuteness!

The girls after having dropped Henry off at school…  ignore the crumbs.  😉

This girl loved rocking her “bangs.” 

There she goes.  Off to a new school, too!
Last, but certainly not least, Jane’s orientation and first day of 3 year old preschool.
Jane’s orientation went well, so much so that she cried as we left because she wanted to stay.
I attempted a different outfit, but girly had other plans…  Love her little 3 year old ways…

Not too long ago, these two babes went to this same school.  

Her first day of school had finally arrived two weeks after orientation and she was BEYOND excited!

Oh this sweet, sweet little girl…

I could just kiss her all over and pinch those little cheeks! 

Big girl…
Girlfriend IMMEDIATELY started talking to anyone who would listen.  LOL!
I also didn’t think I’d cry…oh but I did…
After an amazing first day, I took her out for lunch.  We even made our local paper – Preschool hat and all! It was amazing!

Woohoo to some happy kiddos and their first days of school!
Thanks so much for stopping by.  It feels good to catch up!
Marie 🙂
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