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It’s Monday and I’m here for it!

I absolutely loved last week and how slow and relaxed it was.  We started reading The Hobbit with Henry and Eliza, I started reading The Little Princess with Eliza, we played hours of Catan and Jane is enjoying swimming in the lake with a life jacket, of course, and with a noodle – all good things!

I’ve started a major declutter mission in our home and I’m all about getting rid of all the things and being able to have the time and space to spend more time on myself, as well as my family.  It’s been feeling great to free space from our home and from my head!

Lots of good things happening here…


Monday was Jon 42nd Birthday!  He had to work all day, but the kids and I made sure to have dessert on hand and we gifted him with an electric tea kettle that he had mentioned wanting after our house rental up north had one.  It was a great day with lots of good fun!

Photography credit and cake decorating go to the kids!  😉

Later in the night, there was an awesome storm.  Nothing too scary, but enough of a storm to make it exciting and to leave us this gorgeous sunset and lightning rainbow in our backyard!

Jon had also moved Nubs over the weekend.  When Nubs passed I asked for him to be buried down by one of our trees by the lake.  Well, a week went by and we knew he was too close to the property line (we live very close to our neighbors on the lake) AND it just didn’t feel right.  After much thought, we decided to move him up against the house.  Jon did it for me.  He talked to him and got to see his back paw.  I stayed away as not to see and Jon said he kept him covered in my robe.  I feel so much better having him closer to the house and being about to visit him without the entire neighborhood watching.  It was really sad, of course, but I’m so much happier with where his is now.  I eventually cleaned up his little stone and made it look nicer.  


On Tuesday, Henry and Eliza had dentist appointments.  I dropped them off (Jon was there, which means I can just drop them off – so nice) and then ran to return a few items to the grocery store, then I ran back home to grab our debit card so that I could go to the ATM for some cash and picked up the kids nice and on time.

We then headed to pick up a bunch of Matilda Jane from a girl who used to sell it and was cleaning out her daughter’s closet – this is what the cash was for!  I have a few items with the tags still on them, too.  I love Matilda Jane.  Eliza used to wear it all the time, so it makes my heart happy to see Jane wearing more of it, as well.

One of Janie’s new dresses…


On Wednesday we went to our first Meet up and Learn/Read Up for our schools.  Each kiddo needs to be reading and doing math for 100 minutes each.  The kids absolutely loved this program last year and so far this yeah, it’s going well, too.  Henry is just a little bummed that he doesn’t get a little toy, along with a a new book since he technically qualifies as a 6th grader, but he’s still going strong with wanting to participate, so that’s good.  🙂

I also stopped by Home Depot – I’m in the mood for projects and I FINALLY feel like I have to energy to work on new ideas!  The kids were growing restless with the amount of time we spent inside Home Depot – LOL!


On Thursday we headed to a new program – Little Explorers Nature Co.  It’s a new program in town and I’m so grateful for having signed up!  Jane loves being outside and she loves meeting new little friends!  She’s such a bubbly and loving spirit.  We donned our Matilda Jane to our first class and had the best time.  Henry and Eliza loved it, too – even though they’re not technically signed up for the class.

Lots of pictures in 3…2…1…

On Friday we all relaxed some more.  Jon doesn’t work on Fridays, so he worked out, I went for a run and we cleaned and played some Catan.
Eliza’s friend, Ashlyn, came over to spend the night and the girls had the best time together – they danced, made homemade chocolate chip cookies, the worked on their acrobatics, did each other’s makeup and made lots of memories.  The kids swam in the lake and we took them out on the boat for a bit, too, and then came inside to make homemade pizzas.
On Saturday we headed to our local StrawberryFest and WOW!  In our opinion it was our town’s best StrawberryFest EVER! We were all super impressed with all the people and the vendors!  Oh and the weather was perfection! The kids got shaved ice and then we came home to swim.  Jon went to the store to purchase some items for our upcoming 4th of July party.  I continued with my decluttering and organizing of all-the-things, I went for a run and then we went out to a new brewery in town for dinner…and then after dinner we played more Catan.  Haha!

When getting in the car, Jane called her eyebrows her “eye glasses.”  So cute!

On Sunday we celebrated Jon for Father’s Day.  Jane made sure to make him this toast, although he didn’t eat it.  Haha!  He eats the same thing every day – tea, two hard-boiled eggs and a bowl of spinach – he’s very much a Sheldon Cooper when it comes to his breakfast and yes I make fun of him for it!  LOL!
We really didn’t do much.  I did clean the bathrooms so he didn’t have to, it was the least I could do. 😉

Welp, that was our week!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I appreciate every single visit and comment.
Marie 🙂
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