Friday Favorites

It’s Friday, Friday – Gotta get down on Friday!

Name that song!  😉

Here we are – Happy Good Friday, Friends.  I hope your weekend is filled with love, giggles and lots of happy moments.

How about a little Friday Favorites before the weekend officially begins?


When I posted about these Frownies the other day, there seemed to be some interest, so here I am showcasing what they look like and how they can be worn.  I wear the middle one (right between the eyebrows) to bed every night.  No, they’re not Botox, but I can definitely tell that they prevent me from frowning all night and the big line between my eyes isn’t as noticeable when I wake up.  I’ve even been wearing them while I watch TV.
If you want to see the fastest IG Story ever about this product, then I’d love it if you checked out my IG Stories of me taking pictures of myself wearing these.  I’m sure I’ll regret posting it.  LOL!  My handle is OverAtMaries.  😉

I seriously love these things!



Easter Baskets for Parents 

We’re heading up north to visit my parents and my in-laws today.  Actually, we’re celebrating Easter with both sets of our parents – WooHoo!  We never see our families during Easter since we live just a little too far away, but this year, especially with my Dad being sick (he has Vascular Dementia), we’re trying harder to make an effort – showing up more frequently has been a huge lesson brought on by unfortunate circumstances.

I figured it’d be nice to throw together a couple of Easter baskets for both sets of our parents.

The “baskets” and “grass” are from our local dollar store.  The wine, chocolate bunnies and caramels are from Aldi.  Here’s hoping these baskets bring some smiles.



Henry’s playing soccer again this spring and he’s doing great!  I watched him practice a little on Tuesday night and his confidence is shining through.  His first game of the season is tomorrow and we’re excited to watch him play.  

I sure do miss the baby times, but it’s so much fun to watch these kids grow up.

Adventures with Jane

I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday and this is the first time Jane has accompanied me while I’m preoccupied for an entire hour.  I’m proud to say that she did amazingly well.  In fact, I don’t think I heard a peep from her for the entire hour.  This little three year old rocked it!

Afterwards, Jane had an “unofficial” appointment of riding in the chair.  It wasn’t her favorite moment, but I’m sure she’ll come around when the time comes for her to get her teeth cleaned.

This picture cracks me up.  If you didn’t know, that’s my husband.
So if you’ve ever worried about your child going to the dentist and crying, welp, I’m here to tell you that even when it’s Dadda, it doesn’t matter.  LOL!  

No worries though, Jane was promptly rewarded with a tiara and a wand for hardly riding the chair and for barely opening her mouth.  Bahahaha!

The weather here in Michigan was gorgeous this week and Jane and I took full advantage and went for a stroller run.  I managed to get in 2.5 miles and boy, did it feel wonderful!

We had a picnic up in the play set!  We were both in the best of moods.  Come on Michigan spring – we NEED these warmer days to come back!


These screenshots had me cracking up this week!  Everyone is outside the moment the temps hit 50 degrees and then the wind was so crazy yesterday – these memes felt spot on!  Haha!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend!!!

Marie 🙂

I’m joining in on the Friday fun with Andrea at Momfessionals and Erika over at A Little Bit of Everything.

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