More Landscaping Ideas

 I’m back with more ideas for our backyard landscaping!

This corner of the house has always been rough. We can’t add a tree, due to our septic being so close and it’s just kind of a flat and boring corner.

This is the space we attempted to landscape last summer.  At the time it looked soooo much better, but then Jon and I decided it could look even better if we were to give it another go.  We definitely wasted some money going back in and removing the liner and mulch (which isn’t in this pic), but we just weren’t completely happy with the outcome.

The side of the house is looking much better with the stone we added.  We ended up buying a generator due to multiple power outages over the last few years, so once that was installed, it kind of messed with our landscaping.  Also, there’s only so much we can do on the side of the house due to the gas line which runs underneath.  Overall, the side of the house is decent and we’ve agreed that we can fix in little issues on that side another time.

So here’s our new plan.
First up – more plants that we won’t have to trim back like crazy every spring.
I love ornamental grasses and we plan to keep a few, but boy, do they get messy.  I also want more of a permanent evergreen in this space since we are so close to our neighbors.  We love our neighbors, but something like this will help with privacy on both ends, that’s for sure.
The hydrangeas and lavender are ideas from the opposite corner of the house and again we’ll add stone for easy maintenance.

I truly think these posts are really helping Jon and I think alike when it comes to our vision of what we want.  There’s so much we’d love to do, but we just need to take our time and get it right this time around.
Any other ideas?  I’d love to hear them!
Thanks for stopping by!

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