Five on Friday

Happy Friday, you guys!  Somehow this week flew by over here.  I was dreading having to actually leave the house, but, honestly, it wasn’t so bad.  The kids were happy to get out of the house and back to school and Mama didn’t mind having a few hours to herself.

As for today, we have a snow day and I get another day of organizing and cleaning, which I’m actually excited about!

Let’s get to the par-tay, shall we?


Disney Chain Link Countdown

We’re going to Disney and Mama is we’re sooooo excited!!!

Of course, just like the countdown to our last Disney trip, a countdown was a must.  I thought I’d use some creative juices and make something different this time around, but I ended up buying the same paper and pretty much doing the same exact thing as last time.  Ha!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Here’s a link to how I made the one from last time – Disney Chain Link Countdown.  Aaaaaaand here’s the one I made this time around…

Sorel Boots

My Sorel boots arrived about a week and a half ago and I’m loving them.  I’ve been wearing my rain boots everywhere because I lost my snow boots a couple years ago.  I think I left them at the gym???  I’m guessing they were put in lost and found and by the time I thought to ask about them, a lot of time had gone by, it was no longer snowing and I’m sure they’d gotten rid of them by the time I asked.

Anyway, I couldn’t take not having snow boots anymore and asked for some for Christmas.  The ones I received from Santa were half a size too big and were a completely different style, but then I saw a 50% off coupon for these ones.  I sized down, ordered these instead and am now a happy camper!

Sledding with Family

Now that I have snow boots it makes for heading outside a whole lot more enjoyable!  My toes were freezing when out and about, especially during those single digit days!  I’m happy to report that my little piggies were warm and cozy while sporting my new boots!

It also just so happened that my side of the family (my mom, dad and niece/sister) came over last weekend and we went sledding!  I haven’t gone sledding with my mom and dad since I was a little girl – it was so much fun!


Do any of you listen to podcasts?

I love to listen to them when folding laundry, when taking the occasional bath and when running errands.  These are my absolute favorites and I find them to be motivational and educational.

Go check them out!

The Mom Hour
Mom Blog School
Young House Love
Marriage More
The Eight Minute Millionaire
This.  Just this.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Happy Friday!
Marie 🙂
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