Edible Food Color Marker Easter Cookie Decorating

The kids and I decorated sugar cookies!!!
But not just any sugar cookies, we topped them with fondant and went with an Easter theme!
We used edible markers to decorate our Easter cookies and they turned out so cute!!!  You can find the ones we used at your local grocery store/craft store, but if you’re interested in ordering some online then I’ve got ya!  Click HERE for some with great reviews.  There are so many to choose from!  Oh and I’ll be trying THESE out soon.  The water color look would be so pretty, but there just wasn’t enough time for me to order these this year.  Boo!
Anyway, I just went waaaaaay off topic.
Here are some of the items we used to help us along…
We also used one egg, some powdered sugar and flour.
Years ago I made one of the best purchases ever by buying a variety pack of cookie cutters for every occasion, season and holiday!  The Easter cutters definitely came in handy!
Making cookies was easy.  I ended up just using a pre-made pack, I followed the instructions and then added 3 tablespoons of flour to make it a true cut-out cookie dough.  The mixture was then refrigerated for a couple of hours.
I cleaned off the cookie cutters and after the cookies were done baking and cooling, I then cut out the same shapes by using fondant.  
Be sure to use powdered sugar so the fondant doesn’t stick.
A little dab of frosting kept the fondant in place.
I then adhered the fondant to the cookie.
Then the fun began!!!
We created little designs on each cookie be using the edible black marker.
Each kiddo absolutely loved painting the fondant.  Actually, I was pleasantly surprised by how much they were enjoying it!
Just look at my busy little bees being creative!
They were so proud!

I loved how bright and colorful these turned out.
Overall, this was a super fun and easy Easter activity.  It wasn’t really messy either, which made for easy clean up!
Are you baking or making any fun Easter goodies?  I’d love to hear about it!
Thanks as always for stopping by my blog!  It means so much!
Marie 🙂
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