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Aaaaaaaaaand it’s Fri-Yay!!!

We’ve been surviving the Michigan temps while on our Spring Break Staycation.  Every single day has felt like a Thursday for some reason.  I’ve been giving myself a lot of grace over this break and the kids seemed to be okay with just being home without any big plans and I’m beyond thankful for that.  Next week we begin four weeks of extracurricular insanity, so this break has sort of become the calm before the storm.

Spring Break Staycation
We’ve gone geocaching, we picked up my contacts, we went on a field trip to Walmart and I’ve managed to squeeze in some workouts during naptime/quiet time.  Working out has been so good for me lately.  It gets my mind in the right place and gives me so much more energy for the kids.  Since Covid, I haven’t been able to go to an actual gym because they no longer provide child care, so I’m forever grateful for our basement gym (AKA the dungeon gym).  LOL! 
We did manage to meet up with friends on Tuesday for some fun at our local Children’s Museum!  This was our big event and we were all okay with that!
As mentioned above, we went on a field trip to Walmart…
…and Eliza did some baking ahead of time for a slumber party we hosted last night (all while donning new hair clips and a new dress from Walmart).
 Easter Baskets
I was so proud that I was able to somehow throw together a few Easter Basket Idea blog posts.  I’m trying so hard with this blogging thing and I’m kind of getting the hang of it again…slooooowly, but surely.
I’d absolutely love it if you checked out some of my posts! 


Landscaping Ideas

Jon and I are about to attempt some landscaping on the south side of our house.  We’re probably going to add rocks for low maintenance.  I was inspired by these pictures I found online and just thought I’d share the prettiness of it all with you guys.  I’ll definitely be sharing our plans and progress!



Last but not least – my favorite memes of the week…

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!

Marie 🙂

I’m joining in on the Friday fun with Andrea at Momfessionals and Erika over at A Little Bit of Everything.

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  1. Your landscaping plan is going to look so good! I am awful at planting things. We pay our yard guy who cuts our grass to come do our flower beds every year, and it is usually just adding new mulch and cleaning up the bushes lol. LOVE her baking dress! So cute. I have several of your Easter basket items set aside for my daughter too. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks so much! We just need this weather to warm up so we can get out there and get going on it. I'm hoping it turns out how we're imagining it! Thanks about her dress, too! She looked so pretty and I just had to snap a picture of her in that very moment. Thanks for setting aside some Amazon items. I'm trying so hard to make a little money from this blog… I'm leaning all over again! Have a great Saturday and thanks again for scrolling through. 🙂

  3. Love the messages of some of those memes. My self-talk has not been great lately, so the reminders are appreciated! The gardening ideas are so pretty!

  4. Thanks! Yes, I need daily motivation to keep going and I probably go overboard on the screenshots sometimes, but they help a ton! I'm nervous about all the landscaping, but if we can take our time, I think we can pull it off. EEK! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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