Hello Monday

Hello Monday!

Our week of our Spring Break Staycation went well and the kids seemed to be okay with being low-key.  However, I must admit that by Friday afternoon, the kiddos were feeling…well… a bit bored.  I felt bad going into Saturday, especially after a couple of extra promised activities didn’t exactly pan out.  I reminded myself that we had already taken the kids on two getaways and that being bored is a good thing.  By Sunday, the sun was finally shinning here in Michigan and the temps were finally, FINALLY warm enough to go outside without there being snow on the ground!
We did manage to make Easter Cookies!
The kids actually loved this activity way more than I had expected – thank goodness!

On Saturday morning we had an amazing arrival – a new fridge!!!
Our old fridge, seen here (we had already taken off the handles for it to be moved), came with the house back when we purchased it in 2007.  It was a scratch and dent fridge and I always laughed because it was the one appliance that just wouldn’t die.  In fact, it’s currently now in our basement as a back up fridge and it appears its longevity will be everlasting.  LOL!
Jon and I are thrilled with this new refrigerator.  It’s counter depth, too!  Finally! We’ve waited since 2010 (when we renovated our kitchen) to get a fridge that fits into this space properly!!!  Anyway, it’s a huge deal for us and we’re thrilled!

Later on Saturday evening Henry, Eliza, Jon and myself watched the final movie of the Star Wars series!  We were so proud that we had somehow managed to make it through all nine Star Wars movies.  It all started before heading to Disney (so we’d understand Galaxy’s Edge and the rides), but we still had movies 8 and 9 to watch and boy.  I’m happy to say that we all have a better understanding of all-things-Star-Wars…well, except for Jon who slept/napped through 25% of them!  LOL!
We also managed to squeeze in a cute Easter bath.  Originally it was for Jane, but before we knew it Eliza hopped in and Henry sat on the side of the tub and checked out the gems that I had put inside the eggs.    It  made my heart so happy that all three kids enjoyed this.  I also felt like such a good Mama for actually doing two fun nighttime activities in a row!

On Sunday we all headed outside to get in some spring clean up without our fingers freezing off.  Jon and I have some landscaping plans and we started by removing a bunch of mulch we had just put in last summer.  Oy.  BUT – we’ll be much happier with our new landscaping – I just know it!
Here’s some pics of the areas screaming for attention…
There you go!  Our weekend of boredom and warmer temps.  Haha!
I sincerely hope you’re all having the most wonderful Monday!
Thanks as always for scrolling through!
Marie 🙂


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