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Florida 2022 Recap – Day 4 – Disney Magic Kingdom and Storybook Dining at Artist Point

Our first day in the Disney parks was spent at Magic Kingdom!
We were all extremely excited for the day to begin!  I was especially excited having woken up at 5:45 a.m.!  I did wake up early for two other reasons – 
1.  I wanted to get up and around before everyone else.
 2.  I needed to hop on the Genie+ app at 7:00 a.m. to make our Lightning Lane and Individual Lightning Lane choices.
We all got around and at 6:59 I refreshed my page on the Genie+ like a crazy lady.  I was able to grab Peter Pan and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – both in the morning.  Phew!  It was like an Olympic sport!
I managed to snap a few pictures before heading out to the park and I’m so happy I did.  The kids were happy and clean and ready for the day!

We arrived at Magic Kingdom via monorail around 7:40ish.  Since we rode the monorail over we had already technically gone through security at the resort, so the only line we waited in was the one to scan our Magic Bands.  The lines were relatively short and we only waited about ten minutes until they started to let people inside the park.
After arriving we headed over to purchase a stroller for Jane.  We’ve always had luck with stroller rentals from within each park.  Initially we were planning on getting a double, just in case Henry or Eliza needed to rest – no shame in the stroller game!  😉 I also figured it’d help Jane to sit if she knew her siblings needed to sit once in a while, too.  But then something came over me and I told Jon just to rent a single.  I figured that Henry and Eliza could manage and if they needed to rest, then we all probably needed to rest.
Here’s Jane’s first look at the castle from within Magic Kingdom…
My heart – oh my heart.
Jon and I kept reminding ourselves that all of this was so new for Henry and Eliza, too.  They had been twice before, but they hardly remembered anything, which was so weird for me to come to terms with given that my heart is full of so may priceless memories.  
I love the look on Eliza’s face as she looks at the castle.  It’s so new to her.  
I swear she had a twinkle in her eye…
Since we were so early, we decided to take advantage of our Memory Maker.
I’m so grateful to have been in a picture or two!  LOL
We headed over to the Early Entry Rope Drop line and waited by this lovely view of Cinderella’s Castle!  
While in line, my phone went completely nuts with alerts going of for Be Our Guest.  It was crazy!  I had tried for months to get reservations, but never once, not even on the first day of reservation day could I get reservations to Be Our Guest.  
We had reservations for dinner at Wilderness Lodge at 7:15 and we had packed our lunches, but I mentioned to Jon that we could eat at Be Our Guest if we wanted to.  
He knew how much I wanted to go.  We had eaten at Be Our Guest in 2016 and I loved it, so knowing this was a possibility for us was thrilling.
He said yes and I booked a lunch reservation!  This also meant, however, that we’d be giving up precious park time, but we looked at it as part of our entertainment.
Rope Drop was new for us and so was Genie+ – I definitely made some errors and it came with a learning curve, but I tried not to dwell on my mistakes and rather move on and enjoy the next attraction.
That being said, with some rides being secured, we headed over to the Haunted Mansion thinking we could hop on that and then head back to Fantasyland.  As we walked over, I saw there was another Rope Drop at Frontierland.  Huge face palm as I suddenly remembered in my research that Frontierland doesn’t open up for Early Entry. 
I did’t want to waste any time so we did what most people would laugh at us for…we headed over the The Little Mermaid.  Thank goodness for that stroller!
You know what though?  It ended up being perfect!  I think it set the tone with Jane and I loved that it was her first Disney ride EVER!
Also, look at this picture of the kids at Gaston’s Fountain.  If you’ve ever been to this spot you know it’s never this empty…and being that Gaston is my favorite villain made it that much better!
After The Little Mermaid ride we headed back over to Rope Drop at Frontierland and hopped on Splash Mountain!  We basically just walked on.  As we headed over we saw a little boy was running – which isn’t allowed at Disney and now I know why – he did a full 180 after running into a pole with his neck.  It was terrifying to watch.  I never saw him receive medical attention, but oh my gosh, that image will stay with me FOREVER.  Poor little guy.
I digress…
Henry loved pushing Jane… Love these helpful kiddos.
After Splash Mountain, we headed back over to use our ILL for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train…
We were early, so we sat for about ten minutes, which ended up being nice for everyone to rest for a moment.
The line for SDMT was already pushing two hours and by using our LL we just walked right on.  We love this ride so much!
My next big mistake was waiting in line for Winnie the Pooh.  I couldn’t reserve a new ride since it wasn’t 11 yet, so I figured since Pooh was showing a 20 minute wait that we should get in line.
It ended up being more like 45 minutes.  Oh man.  I didn’t show my frustration, but I was definitely a little worked up, BUT – the play area within Winnie the Pooh was awesome for all three kids.  They were having so much fun and weren’t bothered in the least, so I once again rolled with it and instead took in their joyful little faces…
I mean, this is adorable!

Henry and Eliza caught my eye as we were standing in line and the lighting was beautiful.  Gosh, I love them.  I took these pictures and I love the detail of the portrait setting from my phone. 
We actually had a great time on the Winnie the Pooh ride.
Our LL for Peter Pan was next so we headed over for a flight through London!
The kids absolutely loved this ride and loved it because I was able to ride it with Henry and Eliza.  
I’m not sure why they were making these faces, but they thought it was hilarious!
Our check in time had arrived for lunch at BOG and while waiting we spotted Belle!
Once within the Beast’s Castle we were greeted several times by the Beast himself!
This was yet another attraction that Henry and Eliza couldn’t remember having gone to in the past.
Jane wouldn’t make eye contact with the Beast and it was hilarious!
I love her looking at him AFTER she knew he was gone.
We purchased special 50th Anniversary drinks for the kids, Jane received a meal made especially for her due to her allergy and I order this French Onion soup.
I also ordered whatever this was.  I’m not quite a vegetarian, but I order like a vegetarian.  I eat meat on occasion, but only if there isn’t a vegetarian option…I’m weird like that!  LOL!
This was delicious and perfect – whatever it was!  Hahaha!
Jane’s meal, with one of many of her allergy sticks…
Jon’s meal…
Our dessert…
The kids’ adorable dessert…
The teacup, Chip, was made out of white chocolate and could be painted, there was a truffle, a macaroon and some grey stuff!  The cutest dessert EVER!!!

As we left we visited the West Wing to look at the rose and then I danced in the ballroom with Henry and Eliza individually.  Jon didn’t see it happen, there weren’t any pictures taken and the kids were worried that we’d get in trouble, but I danced with them without a care in the world.  It was just a quick slow dance with each of them, but it’ll last a lifetime in my memory!  

We had a great time and boy was it so special to eat inside of Beast’s Castle.

Outside of the Beast’s Castle we spotted another Memory Maker opportunity and having just eaten inside we found it necessary to get some pics!
There are some of my favorite!
After dinner we headed over to Tomorrowland Speedway.

Then we headed over to visit Cinderella and Princess Elena.  Looking back, we technically didn’t need to do this since we had a reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table two days later, but I had overlooked that part of the trip.

Once again, it ended up being a pleasant mistake/experience.  Jane was able to really talk with them and Henry and Eliza were equally as excited.
I bursted into tears as we left from seeing Cinderella.  I don’t know what came over me, but I was crying.  Maybe it was the fact that we were back at Disney…finally.  Maybe it was that my kids were meeting Cinderella herself.  I love Cinderella, but not enough to become this emotional.  I mean, Belle’s my favorite!  LOL!
As we walked out, we headed into Sir Mickey’s.  A young cast member was there to greet us and she saw that I had tears in my eyes.  Two other women, probably in their late 40s, asked who/what did it for me.  Through tears and my voice shaking, I replied with, “Cinderella.”  One of the women told me she cried at Harmonious at Epcot.  I was happy there were people there to understand my emotions that I didn’t quite understand myself.  
The cast member then asked to sprinkle “fairy dust’ in my hair…I cried as she sprinkled it about.  I seriously felt like my inner Disney child/adult had suddenly appeared…it was absolute magic!
We went over to The Carousel of Progress – one of my favorites AND, to our surprise, the kids looooved it!
Next up, we headed over to Main Street to catch the Princess Cavalcade.  We had a perfect little spot, but out of nowhere, it started to downpour – and I mean DOWNPOUR!  Everyone ran for cover and I was instantly regretting not purchasing ponchos.  Luckily we took cover just in time.  We were wet, but not as wet as we could have been.
I wasn’t sure if the Cavalcade was still going to happen, but then we heard music and through the rain, we fast walked back to our spots to catch the rare Rainy Day Parade.  It only last a few minutes, not like the parades they just brought back, but we were so happy to have caught it.  It made for the most precious video of Jane waving to her favorite princesses, too!  My heart could just burst!
Just before it rained we managed to take some more pictures…
…and we found another photographer who took these…
This one may have to go on a mug!
We headed back to Barnstormer and there was a 0 minute wait since it had just rained, so we rode it twice.  It was so much fun!  We also waited for Dumbo for a few minutes, but then decided against the wait since we had to make our dining reservations at Wilderness Lodge.  
As we left, the kids did try to pull out Merlin’s sword.  
Little fact – it does come out and is magically controlled by a “fairy” up in one of the “towers.”
Henry was REALLY trying!  Haha
Jon flexing…again.  This was becoming a thing.  LOL!  Just roll with it! 😉
We snapped a few more pictures of the kids in front of the castle before heading out.
It was a little before 6 and our reservation was at 7:15.  We knew we needed to get through the crowds and hop on a boat and we didn’t want to feel rushed.
This girl and that tongue.  Oh my.

A couple more Memory Makers…
We arrived by boat to Wilderness Lodge and we were instantly blown away by its beauty.  The grounds were impeccable.  I’ve heard that this resort is amazing and boy, did I hear right!
The lobby…
Eating at 7:15 is really late for us, so I was hoping the kids would be okay.
Also, the girls had changed into their Snow White dresses before we left MK.  These Taylor Joelle dresses are so soft and comfortable!
We sat down and I kind of knew what to expect from watching YouTube and IG stories, but I didn’t expect as much as all of this!
Storybook Dining was absolutely spectacular!
Here’s a blurry picture…but look at that Evil Queen do her thing!
The Evil Queen was spot on.
Jane at one point started to cry and the Evil Queen calmly said, “Crying won’t help!”
This did Jane in.
It wasn’t a quick moment either.  The Evil Queen would just stand and stare…and judge everyone for minutes.  She’d look right at us.  It was incredibly intimidating.
Our appetizers were brought out and they were soooo good…
Wild Mushroom Bisque
Hunter’s Pie
Wicked Shrimp Cocktail
We had to keep shrimp away from Jane as it did contain sesame oil, but other than that she was good to go.
More intimidation…
A blurry picture of when Dopey first came over…
Jon and I ordered Evil to the Core cocktails and oh my, did they hit the spot!
The kids’ appetizer…
The shrimp we had to keep far far away from Jane…
My meal!  THE BEST MEAL I had on our entire vacation!!!!!
It was called, A Stroll through Nature.  It contained asparagus, leeks, arugula and Gnocchi!
I can’t say enough about this meal, but I’ve dreamt about it ever since.
Jon ordered the Royal Prime Rib Roast.
He also said this was the best meal he had on property.
Jane had another special meal made for her.  Henry and Eliza’s meals…
We finally got up to take pictures and boy did they turn out great!
The whole distance thing wasn’t too much of a bother.  They kids knew what to expect and they did great!
It’s all about what you make it, you know!
Desserts came out and I almost forgot to snap some pics, but managed to get a couple.  Then, just as we thought desserts had ended, our server brought out a “gift” from the Evil Queen – chocolate hearts.  Jane wouldn’t eat hers, because it worried her that it was from that mean Evil Queen.  Hahaha!
We managed to grab a picture next to where the Evil Queen comes out to talk to the Magic Mirror.  We had to move just before this picture because she came out and she said to the kids, “Why are you still here?”
I’ve never loved rudeness more!  Bahahaha!
I’ll end with this.
Jane was NOT happy that she had to have one more close encounter with the Evil Queen.  It was sad and funny all at the same time.  Poor girl.
We then grabbed an Uber back to the Grand and called it a night.  Phew.  Everyone washed up and we were asleep as soon as our heads hit our pillows.
We had had THE most MAGICAL day EVER!
Next up – Animal Kingdom!
Thanks for following along – I hope you were entertained and if you’re going to Disney, I hope this recap helped give you some information!
Marie 🙂

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  1. EEEEK! I'm just hanging on your every word… I LOVE THESE POSTS! They make me so happy! I was cracking up at your pictures on Seven Dwarfs because I have the exact same picture of Olivia and me from our trip four years ago… my arm is over her chest like I'm trying to make sure she isn't going to fall out. Hahahaha. And I'll probably do it again this year. LOLOLOLOL. What a magical trip y'all had! I cannot wait for more!

  2. Oh this makes me so happy!!! I was holding on so tight to Miss. Jane! It was weird not having Henry or Eliza next to one of us this time around and it made me a little sad, but they did great! Now over on the Hagrid's ride at Universal I wouldn't allow for them to ride alone. That ride was crazy, too!!! Oh I'm legit soooo excited for you guys!!!

  3. Funny, you should mention the older kids not really remembering because that' s why we are heading back. We used to go to Disney every 2 year and I have so many wonderful memories but two years ago my youngest said something in passing about not remembering anything from our trips which I thought was odd; then we realized he was 5 the last time we went so obviously he didn't remember much since he couldn't even do all that much!

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