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Florida 2022 Recap – Day 6 – Magic Kingdom with Grandma and Grandpa

Our next Disney day lead us back to Magic Kingdom, but this time we were with Grandma and Grandpa.  I secured my ILL – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and was able to grab a morning time slot for Haunted Mansion (the ride that my in-laws most wanted to ride while at MK).  I was feeling a little more confident after using Genie+ for a couple of days and I was ready to hit the ground running!
We were up bright and early and in line at the entrance around 7:40ish.

We rented a stroller, snapped some pics using our Memory Maker and went to get in the Early Entry line for Rope Drop.  This is seriously such an amazing picture to me, but then when I look at Jane I can’t help but imagine her as a mob boss with that pose and her huge chin bandaid.  Bahahaha!
After our first day of Rope Dropping on the previous Monday, I felt confident about “fast walking” over to Peter Pan’s Flight and getting in line before it became an hour or more wait.  I’ve only ever FastPassed this ride or used Genie+, so walking through the standby line was new to us.  We actually really enjoyed everything about the line and all the decor was nostalgic!  The line moved right along and we hopped on in a matter of maybe 15 minutes or so…not too bad.

Jon and I were able to ride this ride alone together.  We considered it our date while in Disney.  Ha!
We hopped off and walked across the way to It’s a Small World.  The rest of the park still hadn’t opened, so the line moved right along.  This was our second ride all before 9:00 a.m.
This ride was so special.  I caught Henry waving to some of the animatronics and, yup, I cried again.  I managed to record a wave or two.  Oh my little boy…
Next up, we walked back to The Little Mermaid ride (not the official name, I know, but I’ll forever call it The Little Mermaid ride – 😉 ).
We basically walked onto this ride, too!
I love this picture of Jane with Grandma Terri and Grandpa George…
We walked back behind Gaston’s Tavern for a restroom break.  I’ve always enjoyed these restrooms.  They’re never crowded.  I did, however, miss seeing Gaston.  I can’t wait until he comes back!
We managed to grab some great pictures while it was still cool and we were nice and shaded…

We then walked to Haunted Mansion to use our LL.
Eliza was adamant that she ride with me.  I still can’t believe Jane didn’t ride with Jon or myself, but I think my FIL, George, really enjoyed riding along with Jane.
Another Memory Maker / Photo Pass opportunity!
We decided to walk back to Tomorrowland for a nice long ride on the People Mover.  I love this ride so much!
Then, per the kids’ request, we went on the Carousel of Progress.  I do believe I witnessed a Grandpa George “resting his eyes.”  😉
I did for a minute, too!
We caught a Cavalcade…
…and then we bought Bubble Wands (sooooo worth it) and then headed over to Starbucks for caffeine, lemonade and air conditioning…
We slowly walked over to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor – which made me laugh soooo hard!  The kids loved it, too!
We then decided to walk over to the Hall of Presidents.  I don’t think I’ve visited this attraction since I was in my teens.
Everyone could use more time to sit and Jane did great.  Actually, she did awesome for something that wasn’t a ride or an animated attraction.  Henry and Eliza surprisingly enjoyed it, as well.
Next up, we walked over to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.  I remember doing this with Henry and Eliza back in 2016 and I remember all of us enjoying it, but this time was even better, so much so that we walked through twice.  This was a major favorite for both Henry and myself…and you can’t beat that view!!!

Everyone needed to sit, so as they sat I walked over to the Baby Care Center to purchase some deodorant! LOL!  I knew about the Baby Care Center having extra essentials and thank to technologically I had Google-ed if they sold deodorant and luckily they did!  I still can’t’ believe I forgot to apply deodorant that morning.  They even let me hide in the corner to put it on.  Haha!
We snapped some photos at this secret/not so secret location.  Seriously, go find it!  It’s private and a great place to get a picture in front of the castle…

…and then we headed over to Cinderella’s Castle to check in for our dining reservations.  We were told they were running a little behind so we went over to the Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel, the one ride that Jane had requested multiple times.  I was thrilled that we made this happen for her!
Once we were called back to the Castle, we walked in and greeted Cinderella…
Gahhhhh!  We loved being inside the castle.
Jane was a handful, not going to lie.  She was completely exhausted and hungry.
But we made the best of it!
I remember reading somewhere about this champagne flight AND I saw another woman sitting near us with a flight of her own.  I’m not a huge day drinker, but when in Rome! Hahaha!
I drank the first two and stopped halfway through the blue one when it was hitting me a bit too hard.  I suddenly remembered that I had an entire family, kids (including a toddler) to manage and the rest of the evening to still figure out.  
Oh boy, that was fun!  😉
The meals were spectacular!!!
The desserts were awesome!
Jane spent more time decorating than eating.  I felt bad because we would have stayed, but out ILL for SDMT was about to expire (due to our reservations being a bit backed up), so we had to get a move one.
Wands and swords for the win!
We had made our ILL and we had THE best time!
The champagne had really kicked in for yours truly by this point!  Bahahaha!
I love all of us on this picture!  
George had so much fun and Jon kept Jane nice and safe!  
While at Cinderella’s Castle I had secured a LL for Pirates of the Caribbean and a bit earlier in the day I had grabbed a LL for Big Thunder Mountain.  I don’t have many pictures after this point (probably due to the champagne 😉 .  The sun was quickly setting, too.  The next 90 minutes flew right by!
Oh and boy-oh-boy, Big Thunder Mountain was soooo fun!  I honestly don’t remember going on it!  Jane was measured a few times for this ride and she just made the 40 inch cut off – I swear some of the measurement stands are different heights from others!  Eliza was hesitant to ride, as she was for practically every single ride, but she even had a blast!
It was dark out and that ride was so much fun!  It was the perfect ending to an amazing day!
We had another LL for Mad Tea Party, but everyone was completely exhausted (well not me, I could’ve kept going!  LOL), so we headed back to the resort before the fireworks began!
My last pic of the castle close up…
…the kids’ last night inside MK.  It made me so sad to leave…
…but leave we did.  We made it back the Grand just in time to watch the fireworks from our room and then everyone crashed.
We did an awesome job with the attractions on this day, and like I said, we still had another hour to get in more if we wanted.
Here’s what we did:
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Carousel of Progress
Haunted Mansion
It’s a Small World
Peter Pan’s Flight
Pirate’s of the Caribbean
Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel
People Mover
The Little Mermaid
Big Thunder Mountain
Hall of Presidents
Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor
Swiss Family Robinson Tree House (twice)
and we ate dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table
This was all for one day and what a spectacular day it was!
Our next day was Hollywood Studios!
Thanks for following along on another magical adventure!
Marie 🙂


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  1. AAAAHHHH another perfect day! So so good! Y'all did so much! We've never ridden It's a Small World so that's definitely on the list this time. And thanks for the tip about the private area to get pics with the castle. We'll have to see if we can find it! ONLY TWO MORE SLEEPS!!!! EEK!

  2. Oh so fun! You know in all our trips I don't think we ever used the fastpass system?! Crazy, I know but we often visited in September when crowds were real low and we could just walk onto rides and sometimes even ride multiple times in a row. I'm nervous about a summer trip and navigating crowds!

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