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Florida 2022 Recap – Day 8 – Epcot

Welp, if you’re still following along, thank you!  This is my last “installment” to our Disney Recap – our day at Epcot!
We decided to take the monorail from GF over to the TTC (Transportation and Ticket Center) and then from there over to Epcot.
This was new to us and it was a great ride over!

Everyone was ready for our last day.  The girls brought their Bubble Wands which ended up being so helpful and fun!
We rented another stroller and as Jon was grabbing it, the kids had an impromptu dance party.
We made sure to take advantage of some of our last Memory Maker opportunities…
Earlier in the morning, I had secured a LL for Frozen Ever After and an ILL for Ratatouille!  It felt great to have those two rides in my back pocket!
We headed over to Test Track, a ride none of us had ever been on before.  The line was relatively short – about 15 minutes or so, but I’m so happy we hopped in line before the 45-60 minute wait.
This was a lot of fun!  I was covering my face because it was so dang bright outside!  
We then walked over to the Mission Space (the not so intense version) and walked right on.  We didn’t even Rope Drop and most everything was easy to get on!
After that we walked over to Norway to use our LL on Frozen Ever After!  This ride was a MUST with Jane!  She was beaming with excitement!
Her “excitement.”  LOL!
Jane absolutely adored the gift shop.
Both girls ended up getting some “Frozen” jewelry.
We’re in the very back.  So much fun!
We found a place to sit and have our packed lunch.  I was absolutely loving Epcot’s vibe.  It was relaxing and clean.  I know that out of all the times we’ve visited we haven’t seen half of what Epcot has to offer.  I kept telling Jon how much I was enjoying it and how much I’d love to go back and explore.
Jane sporting all of her new jewels…
Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival was happening and boy, look how stunning…
Jon and I grabbed some caffeine and the kids split a doughnut and then we found Jasmine!
I’m still kicking myself for not going to visit Elsa and Anna while we were in Norway.
We slowly made our way over to France.  I was hoping to see Belle again, but no luck.
We grabbed some adorable pictures of the kids and then headed to our ILL – Ratatouille.
I told Jon to take a picture of me since I was feeling all Mom-ed up!  LOL!
Oh my goodness – this ride was SO.  MUCH.  FUN!!!
The Standby Line was only ever at 60 minutes, which surprised me!  I’ve heard you can get on this more than once at Rope Drop!  
Memory Maker!
These two.  All the heart eyes.
This one.  All the grey hairs.  Bahahaha!!
Love her, too.
Yes.  That’s Jane having a tantrum.  Right there on the ground.  Eliza was doing her best to console her.  I let Jane have her moment.  She had had the longest week of toddler life ever.

Then I kid you not, she put herself in a time-out.  We let it happen.  Once she was done she was was back to her chipper self.  Poor little thing.
I’ll forever laugh at these.  She was doing a fantastic job keeping up with all of us and for this to be her first tantrum, I just gave her space, which is apparently exactly what she needed.

We found Mary Poppins…

Then the kids (mostly Henry) wanted pictures in front of Captain Hook and the Crocodile!

We found a pretty place to sit…
…and we walked over to this “smelling” area?  I can’t remember what it was called, butI thought we were supposed to actually smell the plants.  But apparently there were fragrance kiosks set up to smell that instead?  Face palm.  I was just smelling the plants like a crazy plant lady.  Then I looked over and saw…

…………………..Jane had been picking the flowers.
How we didn’t get kicked out at this point was beyond me.  Oy.
We spotted Pooh…
…and then headed over to see the butterflies…
Then I used one of our LLs for Soarin’.
We played clapping games since we had a minute or two of waiting…
Then we LL-ed it for Living with the Land.
Henry loved this wall!!!
We used another LL for the Nemo ride.  This ended up being our last ride.  It made me sad, but happy, but sad…

Then we visited the aquarium.  To our surprise, the kids loved this area more than we thought they would.
We found Daisy on our way over to our dining reservations at Space 220.
We checked in and were given out boarding passes…
We went up into space – this part was really cool!!!!! 😉
This dining area was definitely neat!
Random objects would float by the windows.
Here are Henry and Eliza’s attempts at zero gravity…
Jon and I cheered to a successful week.
Then Jane finally succumbed to the last seven days, just as dinner arrived.
Was Space 220 a cool environment?  Yup!  Would we ever do it again?  Nope.
The food wasn’t our favorite and for the cost, it really isn’t worth revisiting ever again.  We’re happy we tried it, but it was by far our least favorite restaurant.  I’m not saying it wasn’t good, it just didn’t live up to the hype for us.
Henry and Eliza loved taking lots of pictures. 

We took Jane’s entire expensive kid’s meal with us.  She woke up as we left and I gave her her dinner while she was sitting in her stroller to eat as we left the park.
As we were walking, the entire meal fell on the ground.  Now she was crying.  Poor girl was officially D-O-N-E with Disney.
We knew we had to go anyway…I think everyone was tired.  We caught the monorail back to the TTC and then to the Grand.  The kids were promised some gift shop shopping before packing up and leaving the next morning.
Back at the resort…
I had a lot of packing to do since we had to be awake at 2:30 a.m. and our ride to the airport was scheduled to arrive at 3:00 a.m.
But first, 
We took a picture next to our room so that we’d never forget the numbers!
As I started to pack, the kids tried on their new souvenirs!
They danced together and giggled.  It was magical.
Our room wasn’t serviced a whole lot (and for good reason), which was fine by me, but on our last arrival back to our room we walked in to see all of this.  How adorable!  Oh and look at Baby Yoda – he was watching Disney cartoons on the tv!
We were all packed up, showered, clothes set out for the next morning and we were ready to go, but not without one last view of the fireworks.
Yup, here I was crying again… Haha
The next morning came along far too fast.  I looked out at Cinderella’s Castle one last time – it was completely dark.  Every time I saw it throughout the week, it was really bright and lit up, so it was cool to see it at night/morning without any lights.
I put on my new spirit jersey and grudgingly walked out the doors of the resort.
Jon likes to laugh at this picture of me…
It was cool to turn around to an empty space…
We boarded our flight and within 3 minutes of Jane watching a cartoon, she was passed out.
Also, nobody was sitting in the aisle seat, so we had the three seats to ourselves, which worked out perfectly since Jane slept the entire duration of the flight.
She eventually didn’t have her mask on after some twisting and turning.  I was afraid a flight attendant was going to have me wake her to find it and put it back on, but luckily they seemed to leave all the itty bitty ones alone on the flight.
It was so weird to not be sitting next to Henry and Eliza, thank goodness for a phone camera!
We landed in Detroit and to our surprise it was beautiful outside.  We stopped at a Starbucks and headed home.
Upon walking into our house, my friend Sara – who had been checking in on our cat, Nubs, had left a cute little sign, the garage door opener and some flowers…
We were back with this sweet and ornery little fella!
There you go!!!!
PHEW!  I can’t believe I blogged all of that!  Hahaha!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for following along!
Have the most magical day EVER!
Marie 🙂

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  1. Bless that baby. I am cracking up at her putting herself in timeout. Sometimes we all just need a little timeout, ya know? Haha. This made me feel so much better about not being about to get a reservation for Space 220!! We've been trying for weeks and can't get in!

  2. LOL!!!! Right?! Poor little thing just knew she needed a break! Oh and yes, I could use an adult time out from time to time. HAHA! You definitely didn't miss out on Space 220…actually, the more Jon and I talk about it, the more we dislike it. Bahahaha!!! Maybe if they added a character or two it would help, but the food was nothing special to us.

  3. I hate when Disney seems to focus more on the atmosphere than the food at certain venues; they really need to be focusing on both! We always felt that way with the Coral Reef; such a beautiful restaurant but it was not the best food.

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