Maternity Pictures

Hey friends!  I’m popping in today to finally share my maternity pictures with all of you!
Consider this blog post just one enormous photo dump; less talky, talky, you know what I mean?
Anyhoo, my photographer sent these last week and I’m still so thrilled with how she captured this last pregnancy of mine.  It sure is bittersweet.  I have zero regrets having these taken, awkwardness and all!
If scrolling through a bunch of pictures of pregnant Marie isn’t your jam, I totally get it – feel free to just close your browser…
However, if you’re like, “Hmm…I wonder how many poses Marie can have holding her sweet baby in the womb…” then, by all means, feel free to proceed.  😉

Thanks for scrolling through!
Whoever leaves a comment with the number of times I’m holding my belly wins a trip to………
aaaaaaaaaand I’m kidding.  😉
In all seriousness, thanks again for visiting my blog!
Marie 🙂

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