A Surprise Sprinkle!

Hey guys!  Happy Monday to ya!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend – we sure did over here!
We were able to get some more cleaning accomplished, we got caught up on some organizing and best of all, my girlfriends threw me a surprise baby sprinkle!!!!
Oh.  Em.  to the Geeeeeee!!!
Waaaaay back in December we (my girlfriends and I) had discussed getting together for a girl’s night out…preferably something that involved Mexican food.  I figured since I would still be pregnant I could be the DD.  We did this a couple of years ago when our friend, Ashley, was pregnant and boy, did we have a fun time!
Anyway, February finally rolled around and we confirmed that we would all indeed be available for dinner on February 22nd – game on!
So on Friday I picked up my neighbor, Amy, and we headed to the restaurant (it’s always hilarious when we pull into each other’s driveways because we live like 15 feet apart from each other – LOL).

As we walked up the stairs of the restaurant I saw my favorite group of ladies and they shouted, “Surprise!” and “Happy Baby Shower!”

I about died.
My sister popped out from under the table!
You guys.
I was beside myself.  I was NOT expecting to see her!
So at this point I was still putting everything together.  I had SOOOO many questions, but my eyes were 100% consumed with all of the gorgeous decor.  The nursery has some bunnies in it and so the theme of the shower also became bunny themed.  There were carrots, radishes, bok choy, kale, gorgeous roses and tulips…I mean, these ladies went ALL OUT!  I’m still pinching myself over how lucky I am to have such thoughtful friends.  They’re the best, THE BEST – and I somehow need to repay them!
Also, let me just say, for a pregnant girl who couldn’t partake in the drinking, I had THE best time!!!  My friends are so much fun to talk to and there were times when my sister and I agreed that it felt like we were watching a tv show – “dull” would not be a word to express what it’s like going out with these ladies.  They’re fun!  SO MUCH FUN!  I just love, love, love them!
Anyway, as the night progressed so many things were making sense to me….all of these things that had happened over the last month or so that I had become completely oblivious to suddenly started to come together…these little tricksters!!!
I kid you not, next to the birth of my children and Jon proposing to me, this shower and having my sister pop out from under that table sure is up there in the “Most Memorable and Surprised Moments of My Life Category!”
Okay, so now let me get to the pictures.
I’m still in awe at how much effort went into all of this…

Get ready, because I apparently have more facial movement and expressions/reactions than Lucille Ball!  LOL!

These decorations…  I mean… COME.  ON.  I was in love!

Radishes, carrots…


This most adorable sign from my neighbor, Amy!  My heart!  Oh I love it and it’s surrounded by kale!!!

The gift table!  These ladies spoiled me…they spoiled me reaaaaaal good!!!

There was just too much cuteness!

The girls knew the way to my heart…alcohol for the win!

No… I wasn’t actually drinking…  only three more weeks though!!!!

My sister made some adorable baby booties!
Oh and red wine for a girl and blue wine for a boy.  Nice touch!
Sweet books…

Me feeling the love…and feeling utterly overwhelmed…

The sweetest robe and matching outfit for baby!

I tried it on and gave my best, “I’m in labor face.”

It’s a keeper!!!


A mud mask!

My friend Sara made this sweet hat and this softest blanket ever.  She REALLY should start an Etsy shop…did you hear me, Sara?!  Go start an Etsy shop!!!

Again…practicing!  LOL!  😉

aaaaaand this was my best attempt at being a “Housewife” of some “County” while cutting my cake!  Hahaha!


It was so fun to let loose and be silly!

Thanks again ladies for an amazing night…and kiddos to Jon for keeping it a secret from me for so long!!!!

I promise not post about myself again for a while.  LOL!!!  I’m sure you’re all tiring of my face by now!  Hahaha!
Thanks a million for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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