Five on Friday

We made it to Fri-yay!
Was that a long week for anyone else?  It was our first week back since before Christmas and I was NOT ready to trade in my pajamas and slow mornings for jam-packed schedules and rushed mornings.  I told Jon on Sunday that I felt like we were driving away from a vacation.  Our break was so nice and relaxing.
But here we are – a full week of being back at it; which also means it’s time for Five Friday!  I’m joining Andrea, Erika and Narci for some Friday Fun!
This belly of mine sure is a-growin’ and I’m loving every minute of it.  Sure, I don’t sleep…what with all the indigestion, braxton hicks and overall growing pains and all, but I refuse to take this last pregnancy of mine for granted.  I just laugh through the fact that I get stuck on my back at times and I smile my way through the relentless heartburn.  It’s all worth it.  🙂
A couple of books.
Jon ordered The 5 Love Languages and while I was surprised he did so, I’m actually just as excited to read it as he is.  I’m guessing I’m “words of affirmation” and he’s “acts of service.”  We shall see!  I’ll keep ya’ posted!
I ordered For the Love after hearing about it from Rachel Hollis.  I actually have NO idea what to expect, but I’m hoping to dive in sometime this weekend!

I’ve been simplifying like crazy over here!  Once Christmas was over I really hit the ground running and threw away and gave away what felt like half of our home.  It felt good…really, really good.
Just in one day alone I compiled six bags of trash and a carload of Goodwill donations and I haven’t even touched our crawlspace yet.  I’m excited to get down there and clear out the clutter!  …And you know what – there’s not a single thing that I miss!  I’m loving not having to touch/move the same dang item over and over again in order to find it a space in our home only to never use it.
Freeing.  Simplifying is freeing…and I’m a HUGE fan!

Master Bathroom.
If you follow me over on IG then you may have come across this photo of our newly renovated master bathroom.  Jon and I are loooooving this space and I simply CANNOT wait to show you more.  I’ll be busting out “the good camera” for a little bathroom tour!  We still have a few items to purchase to finish off this room…EEK!  I love it, just LOVE IT!

These little humans of mine.
I swear I love them more and more every single day.  🙂

Those are my favs from the week!  I’ll be back on Monday!
Have a great weekend out there, friends!
Marie 🙂

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