Five on Friday

Here we are again!

Another wonderful week and another wonderful weekend ahead!

This week was definitely a fun one, but – wowza – on Thursday I was a Halloween Mombie.  No, I didn’t get dressed up the day after Halloween or anything like that.  I was just 100% tapped out of any and all energy.  All good things though, all good things.  🙂

Lots of fun moments and lots of happy memories…

Halloween morning.
Henry wore his costume to school since his party and parade were both in the morning, but Eliza had to take her costume in a bag as her party and parade were set in the afternoon.
Henry was the avatar of his character, Alex Darktail, from a math app game he plays on my phone.  LOL!  It was his request and I pretty much just stopped explaining to people who he was.  I was just proud that I made his helmet!  Hahaha!
Eliza was a Shopkins Queen.  A nice and easy Amazon order accomplished her dreams and it took zero effort getting her dressed.  Winning.  <—-Do people still say that?  Ha!
I dropped Henry off at school, dropped off Eliza then headed back to Henry’s school for his Halloween festivities.  After wearing his costume for a few hours he finally took it off.  His classroom is crazy warm and small (and this school doesn’t have air conditioning – which we didn’t need, but still – craaaazy).  Anyhoo, I loved spending time with him all morning.

Later that day was Eliza’s parade and party.  Girlfriend rocked out at the parade.

We rushed home after school pick up, I hurried and warmed up some chili for the kids (they needed some actual healthy food in their bellies before more candy was consumed), I put a little bit of makeup on Eliza and reapplied her beloved red lipstick, we turned on the pumpkin lights and headed off with the neighbor boys to do some trick-or-treating!

Love these sweet things so much!

Okay, so let’s get cray, let’s talk Christmas!
I was grocery shopping a couple days ago and came across these adorable gingerbread houses and I just had to share them with all of you.  The lighthouse and the barn have my name written all over them!  Soooo cute!
Tiny house – oh the cuteness!!!

Find it HERE!


Find it HERE!

Santa’s Workshop!!!

I mean, so sweet!

Find it HERE!

This barn – oh the fun to be had!

Find it HERE!

This little lady and her red lipstick.  I love her and all of her fanciness!

My favorite meme of the week.
Anyone else feeling the same way?  LOL!
This coat!!!
I’m not wearing it out and about quite yet, but I just know when the time comes it’ll keep me nice and cozy.  
Find it HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by, you guys!  I’m off to a craft fair, a walk in the park, possibly the library and then we’re settling in for some college football!


Marie 🙂

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