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Haaaaappy Monday!  It feels like fall today and I’m loving it.  Temps are in the low/mid 60’s and a it’s sprinkling outside.  I love, love, love it today.  Oh and I busted out my rain boots and hooded poncho! WooHoo!  That being said, it’s going to in the 80’s for the rest of the week, I’ll let it slide especially since I feel like all of us Michiganders know that this week will more than likely be the end of warmer temps for quite some time.
We’ve been busy with all-things-back-to-school and I’ve been doing some organizing and some resting while the kids have been back to school.  I’ve gone from headaches to straight up gross-ness of sneezing, phlegm and non-stop coughing.  So.  Much.  Coughing.  I’m over it.  
Eliza also had a little thing going on with her thumb.  Girlfriend pulled off a nail last week and although this picture doesn’t show much, Jon and I were concerned that it wasn’t getting better and that it could get worse.  So I scheduled her an appointment and picked up some medicine.
I picked up Henry from school and I’ve been cracking up whenever he shows up with his shirts tucked into his pants.  He’s such a little man…I could just eat him up.  I just can’t get enough of him!  

Little Miss had her first day of dance class!!!  She rocked it and, not to mention, looooved it!  She was thrilled to see her girlfriends again and apparently I was just as excited because I turned into a Chatty Cathy while in the waiting room with all the other Mamas.  I swear I need a mute button sometimes…at least I acknowledge this of myself, right?

This studio.  These pics…  In love…

The day I took Eliza to the Doctor for her thumb was also the the day she decided to do her own hair.  Sure – it’s a little messy, but, you guys (!!!) – I was so impressed that I let her keep it in for school.  Besides, what kind of Mama would I have been had I taken it out and started all over after she put in so much effort.  I love Eliza’s independence!  Seriously – I don’t think I could put my hair in a pony until 4th or 5th grade!!!

I ran into the grocery store and spotted a few items I’d love to pick up at some point.
These Pioneer Woman cookbooks…

The Magnolia Table cookbook…

And these pretty fall sweaters.  Our grocery store has some really cute fall clothes right now…

Jon went to Chicago to visit some friends from Friday to Saturday and while he was gone I continued to sneeze, cough and blow my nose.  I also happened to manage to get some paper sorting accomplished…

On Sunday I tried to get in some more R&R and Henry brought this out to me.  He’s so thoughtful.  He did say he had to cut the banana with scissors (kid-friendly scissors)…this that made me laugh on the inside considering a banana is, well…soft…  Kids are the best.

Eliza put makeup on me and did my hair on both Saturday and Sunday.  None of this made my “sickness” any better, but hey – I’ll take pampering in any form!  LOL!

I’m hoping this cough subsides soon.  I have so much I want to do and share – I crave my healthier self!

Off to drink something warm while I sit next to my humidifier…

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