Weekend Recap

Our weekend was action packed over here!
We kept the kids home from school on Friday, everyone slept in a little and then we all headed to my 20 week ultrasound!
A selfie to document our excitement was necessary!
You guys!  This was my first experience with a 3D ultrasound and boy was it different.  The Sonographer mentioned that we’ll get better pictures next time (since I’m 35 I need to have an ultrasound every four weeks now), but I was amazed at what we saw!
Little baby was snuggling up against my placenta!  Ha!  I love, love, loooove this picture and I just know this is going to be a snuggly baby!  🙂
Speaking of my placenta – I guess it’s really low.  Has anyone ever dealt with this issue?  I guess it’s somewhat normal for it to be low at this point and it should grow upward, but my doctor is going to keep an eye on it through those upcoming ultrasounds.
I purposely did NOT Google anything about it as to not stress myself out – but from what my doctor said, it could mean a c-section.  I’m trying to remain positive and remind myself that a c-section is just another way to deliver a healthy baby.  🙂 🙂 🙂
Anyhow, I think the 3D looks like Henry…

But I think this old school pic looks like Eliza…
What do you guys think?  And, nope, we’re not finding out – which has been really tough this time around!

After my appointment ended we took the kids to one of our favorite restaurants.  This place has been around for over 100 years – and it’s good, you guys – really, really good!
We chose to sit in the “bar” area, good thing – because we brought some silliness with us!  LOL!

Next up – flu shots.
I had mine while at my appointment.  With this baby arriving in March (primetime flu season) I want to make sure we’re all vaccinated!  Henry was super brave and volunteered to go first.  He didn’t even flinch.  Rumor has it our neighbor boy did a great job getting his shot and told Henry all about it – I was amazed and how calm Henry was about the entire time – I never would have imagined how relaxed about it he’d be!  Sometimes kids talking with other kids is the best medicine!
Eliza on the otherhand, she must not have been in on the conversation…  

Next up – pumpkins!  This day just kept going!

Haha – get it!?

My lovable, squeezable babies!  I could just eat them up!

I’m not sure what’s happening here…

Our other little pumpkin…  🙂

The kids picked out a pumpkin for the baby.  Actually they picked out this one and two other itty bitty ones…

Friday evening consisted of popcorn and Charlie Brown!  So fun!
Saturday was glorious.
We slept in, had a contractor come out to take a look at our master bath and then we just chilled.  Jon made homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner – which was fine by me since it meant I didn’t have to cook.  I cleaned all the things, the kids played for hours together and Jon worked on some house projects.
We also managed to carve some pumpkins!

Nubs found a cozy spot…

Later on Saturday evening we attended our local Halloween parade.  Eliza was NOT a fan of this witch that popped out of a jack-in-the-box.
The witch was fantastic and she had an amazing cackle!

Eliza wasn’t a fan of this terrifying werewolf either!
Not going to lie, this thing scared me half to death while in Home Depot a few weeks ago!
Eliza, Henry and our sweet neighbor boys…

Our high school band dresses up every year for the parade.  It’s really fun to see all of the costumes march by as they play Halloween songs…
Sunday consisted of a couple of runs to the grocery store and lots of cleaning.  I made this white sauce enchilada dish.  It’s one of my favorites!  Luckily we have leftovers for tonight!  WooHoo!

We finally put lights in our pumpkins last night.  They were looking cute!

This morning consisted of snuggles on the couch and getting back into our weekly routine.  We were running a little behind this morning, but how could I turn down Monday morning snuggles…totally worth it.

Thanks for scrolling though!
Let’s do this week thing!
Marie 🙂

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