Happy New Year – Weekend Review

Happy New Year!
It’s 2018 and I suspect I’ll continue to write 2017 for the next month or so!  Well, that is if my extremities ever thaw out.  You guys, it’s been cold…no freezing…wait, no – worse than freezing…it’s bitter, it’s glacial…it’s hypothermic.  Any and all synonyms to describe freezing but actually sound much, much colder than “cold” or “freezing.”  I like winter, but we’ve reached the beyond cold stage and it makes going outside a chore.  However, it also makes the arrival and anticipation of spring that much more worth it.  So I guess there’s a silver-lining somewhere in there.
So, what did we do on a 14 degree heatwave of a day?  First we went out to breakfast with the kiddos, then we went to our local recreation building for some indoor bounce house fun…

…then we went sledding…
In the 11 and 1/2 years Jon and I have lived in our town, we’d never gone down this hill.  Why?  Why hadn’t we ever done this?  It was so much fun!  Thanks to our neighbor, Amy, for inviting us to tag alongside her and her family – we would’ve missed out on so much fun had we not gone!

The kids LOVED it!
Heck, Jon and I loved it!

But boy-oh-boy, it sure was nice once we got back into the car and cranked the heat!

Then, to be extra crazy, we went again the next day!  It felt even colder, but it was still so much fun!

 On Sunday, we took a break from sledding and I took the kiddos to our local children’s museum while Jon stayed home to get in a workout.
I was super excited to take the kids to the museum for their noon-year festivities and balloon drop.  Alas, it didn’t end so well.  The museum was great, but I believe there may have been a little bit of confusion amongst those of us parents assisting in making New Year’s hats for the kiddos.  I may or may not have had some paper that I had just cut taken away from another parent and I had to cut more, which in turn resulted in Henry basically running to the balloon drop in tears because his hat wasn’t done.  Not to mention it wasn’t the color yellow.

I felt like the worst mom EVER.

Oh life with kids.

So, what do you do when your kid is in tears at his noon-year celebration?  Why, you wipe away the tears, promise your own balloon drop and head to Walmart to pick up a few items to help make it up to him. 😉

The kids DID have fun while they were there…well, that it is until the “Paper Mix-Up of 2017.”

We bought balloons, sparkling cider, candy to fill the balloons, poppers and those bang snap fireworks.  We went home, ate lunch in the basement, filled the balloons with candy, and hung up a balloon drop bag made out of garbage bags and painter’s tape.

The kids couldn’t wait until “midnight.”

We headed out to dinner and we made sure to wear our New Year’s hats.

Mama got herself a well-deserved drink and it was absolutely delicious.

We headed home, Henry ran inside the house and shouted, “We have so much to do!”
popped twisted open a bottle of sparkling apple cider for the kids.
The kids thought it was THE coolest thing.  LOL!  

Their reaction to their first sip…
Henry’s face is exactly the face I make when I get to open the real thing on Friday nights!  Hahaha!

The kids “decorated” and moved around the furniture in the basement for the big balloon drop.  As you can see, they even set out plates so that we could have our “second dinner.”
These kids know me.  😉


The balloons were popped, candy was consumed, poppers were popped, bang snaps were thrown, a dance party commenced and the sparkling drinks were a-flowing.  

New Year’s at 7:14 was THE best EVER!!!

The kids took a bath, got into their definition of pajamas and then danced some more…

They were finally both fast asleep by 9:30.
Jon and I stayed up and watched some tv and rang in the New Year with a mixed drink or two.  I also read somewhere that if you play Phil Collins’, In the Air Tonight, at a specific time then the drum solo would start at exactly midnight.  We kept the tv on to watch the ball drop and attempted the Phil Collins thing.  We were twenty seconds too early, but the sad attempt made us laugh our way into 2018!  It was great!  We turned the volume up on the tv and slow danced to Frank Sinatra’s, New York – yeah, we did that…and I loved every second of it.
The next morning the kids were wide-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready for more sparkling juice and all of our attention.

At noon we watched a disappointing Outback Bowl.  Michigan lost.  Major bummer to an already disappointing season.
After the game I said my goodbyes to our garland that has been getting everywhere.  By taking down the garland in the family room and kitchen, meant that my pretty lights would be leaving, too.  It made me extremely sad to take down the lights…

Jon and I took the kids sledding one more time and it was, by far, THE coldest of all three days we went to the hill.  I think we only went down four or five times.  We came home, had leftovers or anything we could find for dinner and called it a night.
It’s time to start getting dressed again every day, hit the gym and to stop eating so much cheese.
Happy January 2nd, you guys – make it a good one!
Marie 🙂

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