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Friday Favorites and a Weekend Review

You read that right, folks – I’m posting about our past weekend for this Friday Favorites link-up.  I pretty much had this post ready to go on Monday, but then, you know, anytime I sat down to blog something else came up…so here I am…finally finishing this blog post and posting it only hours before a new weekend is about to begin.  Yikes!
Let’s time warp waaay, waaaaay back to two Wednesdays ago…
The end of last week started off like this!
The sun!  The sun!
You guys – Michiganders saw the sun and it was a beautiful sight!  So beautiful and wonderful in fact that I literally went around town talking to strangers and telling them about the obvious fact of how great it was to have sunshine in our lives again.
I was sooo incredibly excited for the sunshine that I completely failed to realize that the temperature was hovering around freezing, but I had become so delusional by this point that I had already gathered up my outdoor running essentials (three year old included ;)) and went for a little jog in the park.
In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the safest thing to do as some of the sidewalks were extremely icy, buy I couldn’t resist.  No worries, we stayed safe and warm in a nicely plowed and salted part of a pretty neighborhood.
I’ve got to tell you though, that Vitamin D sure did feel amazing…I mean…I couldn’t feel my face…but somehow it still felt great.  Lol!
The next day Eliza had a field trip to a CrossFit gym.
I only wish I owned such cute workout clothes as that of my preschooler…not to mention to aquire her metabolism!  Bahaha!
*sigh* 😉
After our field trip we went home, packed up our bathing suits, picked up Henry, traveled north, met up with Jon’s parents for dinner, spent the night, visited my parents and then we were off to an indoor water park!

Jon and I stocked the fridge; which by the way had me laughing due to our lack of adult beverages.

Gone are those days, eh?!
Nothing but hard-boiled eggs, yogurt and a box of La Croix.  Geez, can you say, “adulting?”  We pretty much do this whenever we stay anywhere for a long period of time to save on money, save on time and to not eat junk food every waking moment of a vacation.  Well, that is until dinner arrives.  At dinner we become all sorts of crazy!  For this vacation’s dinner we indulged in large pizzas, both nights, and I drank a couple Bahama Mamas and Jon ordered a Bloody Mary and a beer.
#seewearestillkindacool  😉

Water Park Time (thank goodness for self-timers)!!!

We whooped it up at the water park and later that evening my sister and her family joined in on the fun!
One of the other events we had planned for the weekend was for my sister and me to run an 8K on Saturday morning.  Oh man, I was sooooo unsure if I wanted to run this race.  It’s just under 5 miles and it was cold you guys…like really cold…19 degrees cold.  But my sister had already signed up for the race and me being me, well, I waited until the morning of the race to register.
Guess what?  I ran it…

Did I mention it was cold?!
As my sister and I ventured over to pick up our bibs I realized how unprepared I was to run the race.  I didn’t have long pants or long socks, no scarf, no gloves and I didn’t have anything to hold my phone.  I had grabbed that ^^^ blue sweatshirt, just in case I needed an extra layer of warmth, as I was leaving the hotel and I’m soooo happy I did because I pretty much ran like that ^^^ for the entire race.  LOL!  Ridiculous, I know, but it was a life-saver!  Don’t you want to be friends with me?
Prepared runners >>>>>>……
By the end of the race my extremities had thawed out and I could once again feel my face, fingers, knees and calves.  I ran the entire course and was pleased with my time, especially given the fact that pretty much all of mile three was on an icy/snowy/dangerous path that goes over a rickety old narrow bridge only to have to cross the same path again to head back in the other direction in order to finish the race.  Lordy.  It was my third time running this race and every time I get to that path I question my judgment as to why I’ve decided to pay money only to potentially fall flat on my arse.

Here’s my awesome sister casually enjoying a cup of joe after crossing the finish line…

aaaaaaand here we are enjoying some much deserved hot tub time!  Our bodies were completely confused at this point.
Ah, yes, warm and cozy hotel bed…nope now freezing oustide…what’s happening – why are you running…this is dangerous…it hurts it hurst…it’s so cold…stop it…oh way…warming up…warmer…waaarmer…waaaaaarmer…gosh darn it…freezing again…aaaaaand hot tub….
Dear body and lungs, I’m so sorry.

After meeting up with my sister it was time to actually spend time with my family again.  We decided to hit up the arcade.  Henry played a couple games and hit 100 tickets on this one.

Naturally, girlfriend needed a turn, as well – she ended up winning 25 tickets.  We were off to a good start.  😉

After the arcade Jon and I had decided to drive into town (because I sure as heck wasn’t going to walk) and grab some coffee.
This coffee was awesome, but we mostly wanted to go to this place because of this coffee shop’s amazing “Kid’s Cave.”  The kids think it’s so cool and it gave Jon and I a few moments to sleep with our eyes open converse.

We finished up our drinks and treats and headed over to a fudge shop.  We walked in the store just in time to watch fudge being made.  I remember watching this process when I was a little girl, so I was thrilled that Henry and Eliza were able to witness it, too!

The kids (and adults) got to try out some fudge!

We walked over to one more shop, but not without Henry seeing this first…

We ended up buying some 10 year-old cheese and it was soooooo good!

Oh and the weekend before our little vacation this adorable town just happened to have their annual, SnowFest.  I remember going to this same event when I was little and much to my surprise Jon had never been, so it was fun to experience it together.
Luckily for the sculptors their work was still mostly intact an entire week later due to those freeeezing temps.

This was by far my favorite!

And oh my gosh, the ice sculptures!

Guess what happened next?  Yup!  A nap.  Just like the sunshine here in the mitten, naps are also a rare occurrence these days.

We eventually woke up and partied a bit more inside the water park.  We ate tons of pizza.
It was glorious.

Love these party animals!

This water park vacation wouldn’t have been complete without a glimpse of their chicken mascot!
I tooooootally high-fived him as I walked by…because I’m cool like that.

Arcade prizes in hand.  Boom.

Mission Water Park Vacation:  Complete.

That’s a wrap.  Our weekend had come to a close and I was a bit sad to see it come and go.  I also wasn’t looking forward to the loads of laundry that were about to come my way…that I JUST finished washing, folding and putting away an hour ago…almost an entire week later…  *facepalm*

Cheers to a new weekend in 5-4-3-2-1……

Marie 🙂

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