Oh the Halloween Fun!

Happy almost week after Halloween.
I wanted to swing by today and share a photo dump of all our Halloween fun!  Let me tell ya’, the weekend before Halloween was a whirlwind of all things family, fun, jack-o-lanterns, candy, and doughnuts!  
I volunteered in Henry’s classroom to help carve a pumpkin.  I wasn’t assigned to Henry’s table since the kids kind of knew me from volunteering previously, so I helped out at a different table.  The kids were great and sooo, soooooo sweet!  First graders sure are awesome.  They told me exactly how they wanted our pumpkin to be carved and this is what we were left with…  
Not too bad, right?!
As you can see, my wide-eyed-crazy-faced-smile says it all about what helping out in a classroom looks like for an hour and a half with scissors, Sharpies, knives, pumpkin guts and a table full of curious little first graders.  Ha!
Also, Eliza went with me because she didn’t have school that day.
My face says it all, people…my face says it all.
I needed a drink after volunteering.  Unfortunately it was only Tuesday……..and it was only 11:00 a.m. …….I went ahead and treated myself to a coffee instead…..sans the Kahlua.
Teachers are angels, you guys.  True, real life angels.
After Henry got out of school we went to pick out pumpkins…

The next day was Henry’s schools’ Halloween parade.  I thought he looked so darn cute…even though I still have no idea what Pikachu actually does.  Seriously, even after reading him Pokemon books, I still don’t get it…

After the parade, I went to Henry’s classroom to help him out of his costume.  I knew he could change his outfit by himself, but any chance I get to see him, I take it!  I mean, with that smile, who wouldn’t want to stick around?!

My sister and her family came over for the weekend and on the Saturday before Halloween we headed to a farm just south of us for a hayride, a barrel ride, a corn maze and lots of fun!
It.  Was.  Cold.  But, I’m not going to lie, I was kind of loving it!

Later on Saturday night, we attended our local Halloween parade.

Candy, candy, candy!

On Sunday we were lazy – and it was awesome.
We watched the movie, Hook, and carved pumpkins!

On Monday, Eliza had her pre-school field trip trick-or-treating at a local nursing home.

Girlfriend struck gold!

The day of Halloween had finally arrived!  Whew!

This was the best morning-of-Halloween-picture I could get of the kids before we headed off to school.

There were a bunch of characters waiting outside Henry’s school!  We were so surprised!

Eliza kept me entertained while we waited for Henry to get out of school.
Never a dull moment with this one…

After a quick pick up, a quick dinner and a quick change of clothes (and little bit of makeup for Eliza) we were off with TBNE (uuummm…The Best Neighbors Ever!) to go trick-or-treating through our neighborhood.
It was definitely cold.  Henry had layers on under his Pikachu costume, but Eliza wasn’t wearing much and refused to wear a coat because she was afraid people wouldn’t be able to see her fairy wings.
Ha!  Love her!  But, for real, she must’ve been freeeeezing.

The neighbor boys with Henry and Eliza!  I love this gang so, so, so much!
Eliza:  Still no coat.
One of our neighbors set out a display of pumpkins and dry ice!  The kids thought it was very cool and it was so sweet of them to go all out…

After visiting about 5 or 6 houses in our neighborhood (our neighbors literally give gift bags to the kids since there aren’t many who trick-or-treat over in our neck of the woods ), we headed to town to visit a few people we know and where we knew the candy is safe to eat!

The house behind me is one of my favorite houses in our town and I told Jon I was going to take a picture of myself with it in the background.  Sure, it’s just the garage, but, hey, mission accomplished.  

We headed home and these crazy kids were all sugared up!

…..aaaaaaaannnnnd then they just kept eating candy…

We eventually brushed their teeth like crazy and tucked them in for the night.

I then proceeded to eat 10 pounds of candy every day for an entire week.  The diet starts today.  Oh look, a Snickers…………………… 😉
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