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It’s that time of year again; the long awaited arrival of our Elf on the Shelf, Elmer.  If memory serves me right, then I do believe he’ll be arriving the day after Thanksgiving.  I’m sure that little elf of ours will be up to his mischievous ways in no time!
Before Elmer comes a knockin’…err.. a sleddin’ over, I thought it’d be fun to share with all of you some of Elmer’s silly antics he’s gotten himself into over the last couple of years.
Let me tell ya’, it really seems as though Elmer enjoys TPing our house…quite a bit, in fact.  I’m guessing it’s because the kids think it’s hilarious and probably because it’s so stinkin’ easy to do.  😉  But who knows why he does what he does, I mean, I’m no elf.  😉
There have been times here and there, that Elmer really does go all out.  Like that one time he made doughnut hole snowmen and utilized Little Debbie Christmas tree snacks to really set the scene.
Or when he went fishing with Goldfish in the kids’ bathroom sink…
He may be small, but this dude is buff.
Check out Elmer lifting weights with toothpicks and Nilla Wafers.
All brawn and no brain?  Psshh!  Not this guy!
He’s the full package!  Look how he conducted this Elf on the Shelf Skittle experiment.
Even Elves need to rest.
These photos were “found” on my phone.  The kids couldn’t believe it!
There was once a misunderstanding that Elmer was a threat to all the other toys; what with his magical powers and all.
I’m happy to report that Elmer was promptly released, the toys and Elmer are all best friends and nobody pressed charges.

Phew.  😉
The toys and Elmer get along great now!  So much so that one day last year Elmer was able to partake in a friendly snowball fight with his friend, Elsa!  Good thing he made that mini marshmallow igloo (glued together with hot glue) for snowball (marshmallow) protection!
The other toys thought it was hilarious when Elmer TPed the kids’ bathroom…
Haha.  Very funny, guys.
Henry once wrote a note to Elmer (Merry Christmas.  Write here.).  Elmer loved it so much that he wrote back that very night and made Henry a snowman out of toilet paper!
What is this guys fascination with toilet paper?!

Welp, I thought it was cute.  So I didn’t mind.
Oh my gosh, and one time, Elmer rode in our car with us!  So fun!
Then, at one point, he somehow put streamers everywhere in our living room.
At least it wasn’t toilet paper…geesh…

I spoke too soon…

Oh my gosh – I almost forgot about this one!  Elmer somehow got his hands on a dry erase marker and drew funny faces on an old family photo.

I’m loving the glasses on Eliza and the mustache on Henry.  😉

Welp, I agree with this one right here.  Thanks for helping a Mama out, Elmer-man!
One eensy problem, that mess of flour…yeah, not so helpful…
Ahh, yes.  The kids loved, loved, loved this day.  Elmer allowed for them to carry him around in a jar.
Oh my gosh, I think the kids loved this next day even more!
Elmer let us hold him before he left for the North Pole (Christmas Eve).
WOW!  Was this huge!
The kids were ecstatic and so careful with him all day long.  We had planned on going to the movies, so Elmer went along.  I told Henry he had to hide Elmer in his coat as we were walking into the theater because we weren’t sure if other kids were allowed to hold their elves on that day or not.
It was a fun little family secret knowing Elmer was with us.  The kids were so proud of themselves for being so well-behaved that Elmer allowed to let them hug him and hang out with him and carry him around all day long!
After the movie, we went back home, ate dinner and then the doorbell rang.
Our Christmas Elves had arrived and our Christmas Eve pajamas were left out on the front porch and wouldn’t you know it – as we were opening our packages, Elmer disappeared.
He was gone.
The kids still talk about how Elmer was in their hands one minute and then gone the next.  POOF!  Just like that.

Pure magic.  😉
So yeah, bring it on, Elmer the Elf!  We’re ready for your magical ways!
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