Fall Home Tour – 2017

It’s fall.  It’s the end of October.  There’s finally a chill in the air here in Michigan.  The leaves are changing and falling.  My boots and flannels are calling my name, and I’m ready to embrace all that autumn has to offer.
We made the most out of our summer and as difficult as it was to pack up our summer toys, it’s exciting and comforting to cozy up inside with comfort foods, twinkle lights, blankets and family…oh, and my furnace…I love the warmth and sound of my furnace!  Ha!
To welcome the arrival of fall, I decorated a bit here and there and today I thought it’d be fun to share with all of you some fall touches throughout our home.
Our entryway consists of only a few pumpkins, these affordable pillow covers from Amazon, free artwork from Lauren over at Bless’er House and some super cheap and easy frames.
In the kitchen you’ll find this cute little chalkboard, a pumpkin jar that my mother-in-law bought for me a few years back, some delicious smelling Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap and a simple buffalo check hand towel.

I found this Fresh Baked Pumpkin Pies sign from Big Lots and I think the salt and pepper shakers also came from my mother-in-law, but I can’t remember…  Hmmmm…
Also, apples!
Honeycrisp apples, that is!  There’s nothing better than decorating with food, am I right!?  The only problem being that the “decor” doesn’t stay for long!  I’m all – Get in my belly!!  Ha!
Let’s head into the living room.  I had a command strip/sticker thingy already in place from a previous wreath and I had thought about moving the strip thingy to center it up in the middle of the mirror.  Then I was like, “Nah – it’s fine.”  Then I was all, “I really should buy two new matching vases for those spikey-plant-things (all technical terms, I’m sure).”  Then I asked myself whywhy spend the extra money…who cares…it’s fine.
Either I’m lazy, or I’m frugal…
*shrugs shoulders*
I’m telling you, half of all the time I’m about to hit publish on a blog post, I don’t because I’m too concerned with it looking perfect.  In the words of the great Elsa (Snow Queen of Arendele – you may have heard of her and this reference may be sooooo 2013, but ……) – I need to, “Let it gooooooo!”  Hey, it’s cozy over here and that’s all that matters and I’m learning it doesn’t have to be perfect to be comforting.  I mean, when the kids draw pictures of me, I only have arms fifty percent of the time and it’s perfection to me…  Get what I’m saying?  If not, disregard this entire paragraph. 😉 
Anyhoo, that wreath you see there is from Big Lots, the spiker-plant-thingys are from Hobby Lobby and the pillows are from Walmart!
Moving over to the entertainment unit, you’ll see a few pops of orange…

Okay and now, let me be completely honest with all of you.  As much as I’ve loooooved decorating this piece for fall, I’m honestly waaaaaay more excited to decorate this lovely lady for Christmas!
Bring it.

As you can see, Nubs was just loving all the fall decor, so much so that he wouldn’t leave the vicinity whilst the blogger was at work.  😉
There you have it.

Our cozy (to me) fall home tour, a cat who doesn’t care and is acting like a honey badger and a girl (that’d be me) who just blogged twice in one week.  Wahoo!

Thanks for stopping by and for scrolling through my little home tour!

Marie 🙂

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