Weekend Recap

Welp, here I am again trying to play catch up on this ole bloggity blog of mine.  I’ve had this blog post ready to go since Sunday night, but as usual, I’m just now getting the chance to hit, “publish.”
 Our weekend was just too good not to document!  In fact, I’d be okay if every weekend from here on out is exactly like the one we just had.  It was soooo relaxing…
It looked a lot like this…
And this…

Somewhere in there, I managed to make a smash cake for my friend, Holly’s son, AKA, my Godson, Preston.  I’ve made a smash cake for all three of Holly’s kids for their first birthday pictures.  I can’t believe we now have five kids between us.
We enjoyed lots and lots of boat time on Saturday evening, as well as a dinner at a restaurant down the lake from us.  I had a deeeeelicious flatbread and an even more delicious martini to go with the flatbread.  Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm…that martini was on point…and well-deserved.  I would’ve taken a picture of my adult beverage, but based off the alcohol content the pic probably would’ve ended up blurry.  😉  We ended the evening with a campfire and s’mores.  It was perfect.
On Sunday we headed over to our local airport for their annual, Fly-In Pancake Breakfast.  Prepare yourself for lots of pictures…

This itty bitty plane caught my eye and I just had to go over and check it out.

It’s sooo tiny.

The pilot came over to talk to us.  He showed us how he navigates the skies, he showed us pictures of his grandkids, and he told us how his wife only flies commercial.  Ha!  He was awesome!  I asked him what he thought was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen from the sky.  He gave it some thought and responded, “The midwest in full bloom.”  Not the answer I was expecting.  What a cool guy!

Only minutes after our conversation he was off to Indianapolis to visit family…

…and we were off for more boat time…
Before we knew it, Sunday was coming to a close and Monday was fast-approaching.
AAAAAAAaaaand now it’s Thursday.
I seriously need ten more hours in a day and three more days to a weekend.  😉
Marie 🙂

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