Eliza’s Preschool Graduation and Birthday Party Weekend

Hey guys and a Happy Saturday to ya!  I’m a little late to the party, but I still wanted to link up and share my Friday Favorites.  It’s been all about Eliza over here these past couple of weeks.  She recently graduated from three-year-old preschool and only days later, she turned four.  Somehow I’ve managed not to cry.   Although, let me tell you, that the moment I actually find the time to sit down and watch videos of her as a baby, which I tend to do every year around the kids’ birthdays, the waterfalls will more than likely be in full throttle.
Here’s little Miss. Sass and Sweetness at her preschool graduation two Thursdays ago.  I can’t believe she’s already been out of school for that long.
Eliza and her two amazing teachers!  We just love them!

We played games, the kids did some painting and they sang some super sweet songs.
It was so stinkin’ cute!

We had Friday to prepare for Eliza’s birthday par-tay on Saturday.  Luckily the house stayed somewhat organized from Henry’s party only three weeks prior, so cleaning up wasn’t too terrible.
We were ready to rock and roll!
On Saturday we woke up nice and early and I ran to the store to pick up Eliza’s cake and some balloons.
Then it was party time!

Henry, of course, had to wear his entire ensemble from his party.  I have no idea who taught him how to turn his hat to the side like that, but I think he looks ridiculously adorable…and pretty darn cool…and, not the mention, all grown up! 

We had rented an obstacle course bounce house and as you can imagine it became more and more difficult to catch Eliza and her friends and fam for a picture.  I managed to grab a few of the girls for a photo opp then they were, once again, off to the races.  🙂
Moana, I mean Liza Lady, had a great party, now I just need to find the time to write out thank-you cards…I guess I could be doing that right now… 😉
On Sunday we visited with my sister and her family (they had spent the night) and our neighbors for a bit, then we let the kids relax for a few hours.  A little R&R was definitely needed after our fun-filled Saturday.
Later in the day on Sunday we finally made it out on the boat!  Eliza went tubing all by herself for the first time!  It was pretty exciting!  Usually there’s an adult with her, but she was all about trying it alone.  This girl is fearless, I tell ya’.  Well, unless there’s a fly nearby…or any kind of insect with wings, for that matter………….then it’s all over.
She tubed for a bit…
…then we slowed down…
…then she fell in…
…then there were lots of tears…
Lots of tears.
Can I retract my fearless statement?
Girlfriend did a great job of holding onto the side of the tube.  She was kicking her little legs like crazy as to stay above the water (even though she was wearing her life jacket).  As I was pulling her toward the boat, Jon jumped into the lake to console her.  I tried not to freak out, not just because she fell off the tube, but also because that was the farthest she’d ever been away from us while in the lake.  I knew it would only make matters worse if I were to panic.  So I stayed calm and told her good job and that I was proud of how she handled the situation.  
Crazy, hysterical mom-moment averted.
I was also worried that she wouldn’t want to get back in the water after that…I was hoping she wasn’t traumatized…I was hoping that we didn’t just ruin the season of lake time at the very beginning of the season.  But luckily, Henry and Jon went for a quick tube ride and Eliza was quickly wanting to get back out in the lake again.
See?  Smiles.  🙂 🙂 🙂

After some tubing, we headed up the lake for our first boat ride/lake side ice cream of the season.  It turned into a bit of a mess, but it was toooootally worth it!
Later that night, Eliza and I took our obligatory night-before-a-birthday-selfie.  I’m pretty sure I’ve done this every year with both kiddos.  I like to have one last picture with my babies before they turn the next age…because I’m crazy like that…
Tuesday came fast and my baby had turned four.
FOUR, people, FOUR!!!!
We ran a few errands and Eliza actually wanted to sit in the top part of the grocery cart, otherwise known as the appropriate place for a child to sit.  😉  She hasn’t sat in that spot for a loooong time.  She usually sits in the basket or we use a huge grocery cart that we refer to as, “the choo-choo train cart.”
I knew I needed a picture of Eliza sitting in this part of the cart since I don’t know when it’ll be her last.  Has she really grown this much?  You guys…this parent thing is no joke.  
We decided to head to Eliza’s favorite coffee shop, sans coffee for her *wink*, and order her her signature coffee shop meal, a strata and a huge cinnamon roll.
She wanted to bring her babies, too…
We also took in her new Disney Princess Candy Land game.
Years ago, I remember watching a mom friend of mine and her little girl play games in this exact spot.  I always thought, “That’s sooo cool.  When I have kids, I want to do that exact same thing!”
…and here we are…

After a fun-filled day, we picked up Henry, came home, made and ate some tacos and then celebrated Miss. Eliza one last time.
What a crazy few weeks we’ve had over here.  A good kind of crazy.  It’s bittersweet that my babies are another year older.
My heart is happy.

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